Me, Myself, and Facebook.

I’ve been on Facebook for years now, and I have always striven to make what I post interesting and relevant to multiple people because I don’t want to be one of those people.

You know the ones.

The ones who consistently post political/religious/inflammatory things.

The ones who consistently seem bent on driving you up the wall.

The ones who consistently just barely miss the excision when you are paring down the friends list. How do they keep getting through?!?

By being ‘not that bad’, that’s how. Consistently not that bad. It isn’t that they are a bad person, just that you didn’t really care for that link last week. Or didn’t agree with their rant the other day. Or like their status update.

Now, my desire not to be one of those people has driven me batty. I’ve struggled for years not to bow to others’ wishes. I have dealt with depression and anxiety and my own issues of needing people to like me. Really, really like me.

With consideration to that, it shouldn’t surprise any of you to realize that I don’t do well with criticism, critique, or confrontation. I tend to be quite vocal with people I trust, but have had to force myself to be boisterous in the face of glares and icky rumblings.

But I keep finding that I have a reservoir of strength I can draw on to be a passive aggressive bitch when I need to. I’ve been enjoying that as I post pro-choice/abortion links to my facebook, and splashing pro-queer agenda notices around.

It hasn’t cut down on the number of ridiculously oppressive or bigoted posts from other people, but I’m sure that I’ll keep barely making their cut as well, and maybe we might be able to pool some communal respect out of this open forum of posty goodness.

Or not. Whatever.


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2 responses to “Me, Myself, and Facebook.

  • blackwatertown

    It all sounds very complicated.

    • strikingfancy

      It is possible that I make it more complicated by virtue of being me. I don’t agree with their posts, but it isn’t my place to argue their posts on their own pages, so I generally shut my trap and let them have at. I’ve only in the last few months started feeling like I have a right to my own posts on similar topics, though usually on the other side from them.

      I like referring to them as them. It makes it sound as though I’m talking of some sinister group, even though they are just people I’ve met over the years! lol

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