Slash Cometh.

So… Slash. The fanfiction kind. The ‘boy kissing boys, girls kissing girls’ kind. The ‘nobody’s really sure when this shit started because it seems like it has always been there’ kind.

Slash is fun. It has been a means of escape for me for years longer than I probably should have had access to it. I read it, occasionally write it, and always celebrate it. I think my husband worries that I’m going to leave him for it some day.

I started out in slash fanfic when I was quite a young thing. Back then, my fandom of choice was a little show called Daria, and all the slash I came across for it was what I now know to be called ‘femslash’ or ‘femmeslash’. I identified with the main character, and could appreciate the subtext in action that the fanfic gave me. As someone dealing with gender/sexual identity issues, I loved seeing people happy to put some of my favorite characters in my own shows.

Now, years later, I’ve left that particular realm of slash fandom, but I still swim in the same waters. My fandoms have grown, and changed, and, yes, occasionally faded away, which is only right. My understanding of fanfic has aged with me, but I still love it as much as I did when I was but a wee-one, trying on the big-kid shoes of love and sex and angst.

If you have never given slash a try, I would recommend it. Even if same sex/gender relationships aren’t your thing, just give yourself a moment to open up to a new way of seeing the world, seeing relationships, and seeing yourself. Who knows, maybe you might find something of interest for yourself that might last you a lifetime, as well.

You know what, maybe my husband should be worried. I think I’ve waxed way more poetic about slash than anyone should in one go!


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