Language Fun.

I’ve decided to commit myself to language again. I’ve studied several for small periods of time, but I’ve never actually put in the effort that it really deserves. To that end, I’ve decided I really am going to strengthen one of the languages I have previous experience with.

I had been thinking of this off and on for a while now. Part of college that I really loved was learning the basics of Latin and seeing how that language, which so many call dead (a misnomer if ever there was!)*, shaped English, my native tongue.

I haven’t decided what language I’m going to pursue. Spanish would probably be the most useful for the area I’m in. It isn’t the language I’ve had the most classes in, but I have a decent grasp of the basics at least.

Also, I need to figure out how I’m going to teach/be taught. Rosetta Stone is supposed to be great, but it is incredibly expensive. Learning on tape/cd was apparently popular at one point, but I feel like that would miss the conversation aspect of the learning process. I could try to devise a learning schedule, but I don’t know how well that would work for me.

There are a lot of options; maybe too many for my crazy, indecisive self!

I did find this LifeHacks article about learning (though not mastering) a language in literally an hour, and becoming conversational in less than a year. The premise is interesting, and I love that there is science to back it up. If I end up teaching myself, I think I’m going to have to go this route.

*A dead language is one that is gone and buried, never to be used, but that isn’t the case with Latin. To this day, it is still used for current publications and discussions, as well as evolving with new words and phrases.


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