The Fast Food Slow.

Husband and I gave up fast food some months ago as a part of trying to convince ourselves to live healthier. It was one step out of several (we now also go to the gym and have stopped drinking soda regularly). Currently, we do eat fast food approximately once a month, and today was the one day we decided to pick some up for June.

To be honest, it was delicious, and tasty, and amazing, and, quite simply, completely awful. Even before I had finished my meal I felt icky and out of sorts. Now, I’m just regretting the whole damn thing.

Perhaps it was the food itself. Husband wanted Taco Bell, so that’s what we got. Normally (and by normally, I mean a year ago), Taco Bell wouldn’t bother me in the slightest. It is one of the few places I know I can always get my favorite soda, Mountain Dew. And I grew up eating the stuff only rarely as a child, so it has always been something of a treat.

Now, I’m wondering if I feel badly because my body isn’t used to being treated so illy, or if possibly I didn’t treat it vily enough. Maybe the reason I don’t feel well is because I didn’t drink the Dew that came with the meal. I actually gave it to one of my brothers, deciding that the choice of fast food was enough of a shock to my system for the day.

But in the past, I’ve always drunk a large Dew with my order of tacos or burritos or chalupas. Has the sweet, sweet, caffeinated, carbonated drink been saving me from indigestion all this time? It honestly wouldn’t surprise me.

Growing up, if I was ill and couldn’t keep anything down, my mom would make me sip Sprite or Coke in an effort to settle my stomach. In fact, many people I know grew up much the same way, or with similar remedies for stomach aches and nausea.

And frankly, I’ve had burgers and fries and pizza in the past few months, and they’ve given me no trouble. They’ve gone to their ends with the most quiet dignity that a meal can suffer before it is digested. It is possible that my body has finally grown immune to the fast food cravings, but I don’t think so. I think maybe I just need to go all out next time.


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