The Flouncing Feline.

My cat is wonderful. I love her. She is unique and awesome, and to be honest, also a bitch, but I love her.

I just wish that I could figure out a way to train her to leave my shit alone. I mean, I’ve had many cats over the years, so I am not particularly frightened by most of their behaviors. Most of it I can understand, and most of it I accept with some grace (even if I’m not a huge fan of the results).

Lately, though, Cat has been doing a few things that are just not tolerable, let alone acceptable. She’s managed to ruin three separate panels to a crochet piece I was working on. I keep having to start over because she’s run away with something or has been ill on it. She also has gotten much worse about clawing and scratching at things and climbing all over the place.

Honestly, I blame our roommates cats.

You see, Cat has always had some behavioral problems stemming from her start as a stray. It has never been a big deal, but we decided not to get her fixed because the money just wasn’t there and she is always so much sweeter during her heats. She even seems to enjoy our company more during those times, and I’m worried that we’ll all lose the quality time that we are able to get when she’s in heat. (She doesn’t like to be petted or stroked, and only sort of plays with us if she’s not in heat. She also seems to be frightened of/skittish around both myself and Husband more during times she is not in heat.)

Now that the roommates have cats, those cats have been going into heat, which has been forcing Cat to go into heat much more often than she had been. It seems like once one cat goes out, another one goes in. And there are three of them, so they are always cycling. The frustration I have is that the roommates can afford to fix their cats (both females, as well), and both of those cats are sprayers, meaning they basically pee on everything while they are in heat, which is now approximately a two thirds of ALL TIME.

They also invade Cat’s territory (my room) constantly, which makes her very nervous. She’s agoraphobic, so she very rarely ever leaves our room, which makes it that much more frustrating that I can’t seem to keep the other cats out of the room. She doesn’t like them, and then they turn around and eat her food and use her litter box. She’s a Sad Kitty.

I’m fairly certain this all leads to her acting out, which is why she’s been more keen on activities that drive me bonkers. I’ve tried the normal first options for bad cat behavior, like bitter sprays and loud noises. I feel like I’m torturing her, though. She just wants to have fun, and I just want her to stop knocking over my action figures when she’s walking around on my shelves.

I don’t know what else to do. I can’t make the others doing anything to their cats, and I still can’t afford to fix Cat (nor do I know if it would even help). I don’t like punishing her, and I don’t think that she sees it as punishment so much as a game of some sort. (When you get onto her, she will literally ninja-kitty, slowly eeking her way to whatever she sees as the goal, seeing how far she can get before you get onto her again. When you finally say something, she immediately jumps down just to start the whole thing again.)

She’s a great cat, but we still have some kinks to work out I guess.


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