Cat Got Done.

So, apparently, even though I was apparently complaining of how we couldn’t get Cat fixed, we got Cat fixed. *facepalm*

Husband is most wonderful, and I love him, but I wish that I had more than twelve hours notice that he made plans to have Cat taken in for the procedure, especially because he didn’t have to take her himself. I’ve not had much sleep, and it threw me off my plans for the day, but there you are.

I really should be sleeping right now instead of typing this up to share with y’all, but I also didn’t want to run the risk of missing another day. Taking a moment to come up with a target and jot out a little something for this blog has become a comfort, even though I haven’t been doing it for long.

I actually do have a rant or two, as well as a few rational topics, in the planning stages, but for now you will get whatever comes to mind when I set my fingers to keys.

Also, if you wouldn’t mind, keep Cat in your thoughts. She seems to be doing well, but she’s been grumpy, and she’s quite sore. I’m hoping she’ll heal quickly and with no complications. (Especially since she keeps trying to hide under the dresser, which was her favorite spot as a kitten, but she’s not really small enough to do it anymore.)


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