Drinks and Parties and Egg Rolls, Oh My.

Husband and I had a fight last night, which led to me throwing his ‘father’s day’ present at him. When he called me from work today, he actually brought up the fight (unusual for him) and then promised to bring me some sort of pressie to make up for how bad I felt from the fight.

His present to me? My favorite appetizer ever! Steak egg rolls with both soy sauce and horseradish dipping sauce. These things are the best tasting appetizer I’ve ever ordered in my life. Ever. Ever ever.

And yes, it does warrant all of those evers. If I believed in a heaven, I think that heaven would be this egg roll in full body form.

On top of that, he also reminded me to look up a recipe I keep forgetting to pull up.

You see, at the same restaurant that we get these egg rolls, they used to serve a key lime pie martini. The drink was absolutely tasty. Tart and sweet, with a cup rimmed with graham cracker crust mix, I ordered it only twice before it was removed from the menu (it was a limited time item). Because the drink required special liquor, they couldn’t make it after it was officially pulled.

Now, I’ve looked it up, and I totally plan on making it. I just have to get around to buying everything I need for it!

Oh, also, deep fried cupcakes:

This is oh so wrong, but totally what I want.



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