Semi-Road Trip.

Tomorrow, I must pack my bags in preparation for hitting the road once more. My sister’s labor has finally finished, and now we have the new one to see. Unfortunately, due to work and obligations, we are only going to be able to go for a very short period of time.

At least that means the bags will be light.

In any event, I promised my mother that Husband and I would bring our laptop so that she can do something with her pictures, as her computer is just awful. She’s on dial-up for internet, which wouldn’t be so bad, but her machine is just a Frankensteined mess that just. won’t. die. I swear, a nuke will go off and it will be the roaches, Keith Richards, and that fucking mess of a pc.

I’m hoping that she won’t want to see anything fancy with our computer, as while it has some features of note, it isn’t the most expensive or newest on the market. Then again, my mother can barely understand email. (Seriously, I had to show her how to add contacts to her email so that she wouldn’t have to save every email from everyone ever to keep their addies.)

I will have to remember to pack my presents for everyone in town, though. I have a book for my father and some crafts for the new baby and Sister. My older niece will be getting a new lock box and stickers (she’s getting to the age when she can appreciate money and privacy, but still thinks that adhesive paper with ‘hologram’ foil is the best thing ever invented. I love it!).

I feel bad not bringing something for everyone, but I can only do so much and I’m not really certain what all I should be giving to people. I mean, perhaps I should pick up a birthday pressie for a few people that have them coming, but I can’t be arsed to find a way to a store, and I really don’t think that they will want anything I make at this point.

Oh, well.

I hope I remember undies and a decent shirt!


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