Open Mouth; Cover With Tissue.

For whatever reason, I’m sick again. I’ve already had three colds/sinus infections this year, and I’m going through it yet again for some unknown reason. (I’ve decided the gods hate me.)

It wouldn’t be so bad except that I work in a profession that requires massive amounts of talking and relaying information, often over the phone, which means every cough and sneeze and attempt to breathe has to be stifled very, very quietly. And of course, I’m also having problems sleeping, because I can’t breathe through the night.

Husband has been sweet and keeps bringing me juice and soft tissues and medicine from behind the counter at the pharmacy (my favorite, because it actually works*). But then he wants to cuddle, and I feel a cross between disgusting and frustrated all the time. I’m trying to keep my spirits up, but I’m not sure how it is working out.

Thankfully, my illness hasn’t affected my performance at work too much. I even got praise from several supervisors today, which is always welcome. I did feel the need to apologize for today not going as smoothly as it could have. It wasn’t my fault, though, so I just sucked it up and walked out the door.

I always feel so stupid when I’m sick, because I always want to apologize for everything. It is ridiculous. I also can get strangely giggly, and occasionally quite bitchy. Unfortunately, that isn’t necessarily a strong change from normal, so I’m not certain how much people see it. And generally if I’m working, I do my best to not come off that way, since everyone seems to see me as a somewhat responsible adult.


The medicine I refer to is over the counter, it is just behind the counter because it has pseudoephedrine, which is regulated by law. It is Sudafed 12 Hour, and it is saving my life. Seriously, if you are having problems with sinus congestion due to cold, I highly recommend it.


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