The Blanket Was Well Sewn.

Cat has recovered nicely from her surgery. It hasn’t made much of a change in her personality, I don’t think, but she’s acting better than the roommates cats, who’ve all gone off liking humans apparently. Of course, just a little bit after the fixing, we had to leave town, and she’s always a little strange when we get back from a trip, so it is really hard to tell.

I was telling Husband that I’m kind of happy that we were able to not only get her fixed but also get her shots updated, and would like to try to start taking Cat out in the car every now and again. Maybe we’ll be able to travel with her now. Goodness knows that I want her to at least be more comfortable in a car considering Husband and I want to move within this year.

I am, however, having a devil of a time trying to get her license tag onto her collar. I can’t seem to find any pliers to try to close the brace off, and I definitely can’t do it by hand. In fact, she hasn’t worn her collar since she was spayed. I’ve asked Husband to do it, but that can be a pretty useless endeavor. I’ll just have to wait and see.


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