Not Just For The Boys (well, sort of…).

I love to play games. Video games, computer games, board games. About the only games I don’t like to play are games that could be interpreted as sports, and even those I can get excited about watching if given enough opportunity (except for soccer. Fuck soccer.*).
Recently,  the Play Station Network (psn) went down because it was hacked. (If you don’t know, the psn is what allows Play Station 3 users access to the internet and playing games together remotely.) When it came back up, they allowed most everyone the opportunity to download two games as an apology. The games were hopelessly out of date, but whatever free games.

We chose Infamous and Little Big Planet. The guys had played Infamous and enjoyed it, but didn’t own a copy, and Little Big Planet was the only other game really of any note. No one in our place had played Little Big Planet, but we were aware of it, and several people we knew recommended it, so it seemed like a better choice than the rest of the games available.

Soon, though, the guys tired of the game. And by soon, I mean one round. The complaint all around seemed to be something along the lines of ‘so boring’ or ‘wtf?’. So, ignoring them, as I’m in the habit of, I decided I would at least try the game.

Let me back up for a moment and explain. I love games; they don’t love me. Most specifically, the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES or just plain Nintendo), is by far my favorite system because it makes the most sense to me. If I have to play a modern system, I will almost always go for Nintendo’s Wii, and even then, only for very few games.  I like puzzle games and some strategy games, kind of hate the concept of playing socially, and think that Tetris is still the best. game. ever.

God, someone please give me this on the Wii.

So I eventually pick up the controller, and start playing. Only to realize, well, really to realize that I still suck hella much on the Play Station 3, but also to realize that Little Big Planet is like a child of Super Mario Bros. and Katamari Damacy. It is a platform based, obstacle/challenge incorporating game about collecting random points with seemingly little tangible reward except that really awkward feeling of accomplishment at nothing. It is also addicting as shit.

Seriously, I work on this game. I want to succeed. I want to win. I have no idea what I’m winning (even in Mario, you were working toward getting with the totally hot Princess Peach), but whatever it may be, it is made of win and awesome because it can’t not be.

Simply told, Little Big Planet is a really fun, captivating game to play for those who like the original Super Mario Bros. (or even Super Mario World), Diner Dash, and other puzzle-ish strategy games.


My Definition of Soccer:

A game that is meant to fuck with my management of my anger. Sure, you can kick someone, but only like this. No, you can’t touch the ball with your hands, except when you can. Yes, that person ending up the ground has been fouled, except for when it was fair play. Screw that, I’m sticking to rugby.


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