Make Up Rules.

I don’t wear make up that often. And by not that often, I really mean almost never. I’ve just not been much of a make up person since I can remember. I know that there are pictures of me when I was very young playing in make up, but I lost interest as I grew up, even when I was performing. When I was doing theater, though, my father bought me a box for my make up as a Christmas present.

You see, growing up, we didn’t have much money, so presents were often very small tokens. Ten dollars a piece was a pretty epic haul for us kids. That Christmas I got a box for my make up and a shirt that my father pick out himself (which was kind of a big deal). Years later (really about a decade) later, I still have that box and it still holds my make up, even though I don’t really use make up that often.

I pulled it out because I’m trying to get my make up together for my Dragon*Con costume, and I needed to actually know what to purchase. I’m worried, though, that the poor thing is about to fall a part now. It has many cracks from being banged into things, or having things shoved on top of it, or even just trying to hold too much. The stars painted on the clear plastic panels are fading. The ‘metal’ bits are degraded. It is kind of a mess, but I love the damn thing, so I’m worried, because I really don’t want to lose it.

Thankfully, I was able to throw out some of the old make up I had, which made room for the eyeshadow I bought today, so it isn’t slap full right now. Hopefully, that will help the box maintain for a bit longer. I really don’t want to have to consider getting a new box before D*C.

Sidenote: Only about two days before the showing of HPDH1/2!!


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