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I apparently convinced my husband to shave his armpits without even trying. Let me explain, please. Husband works in a profession that involves some manual labor and not always awesome work conditions. He has complained before that he doesn’t feel like his deodorant does much for him, and he’s changed deodorants several times looking for the right one. (I think he smells delicious, but I can understand why it would be disconcerting for others)

On several occasions, I’ve suggested he try trimming his underarms so that the deodorant is more likely to make contact with his skin, and also to decrease the amount of sweat that can gather and allow smells to dissipate more easily. I never expected him to ever take the suggestion seriously because he’s a more traditional guy.

I haven’t said anything about it recently, but he chose to experiment tonight, and I’m hoping it works out for him. Well, so long as his pits are the only thing getting messed with. He touches his chest hair, and I may have to contemplate divorce.


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