Not My Daughter, Bitch.

Or, my fangirling over HPDH2. Also, as everyone should bear in mind, potential for major spoilerific spoilers from spoilerdom.

So. Oh. My. God.

I had many problems with the first part because it wasn’t complete, and I wasn’t really sure how I felt about it, but now I know. It isn’t great, but for a situation it works beautifully. My biggest problems will always be there because it wasn’t the book, but it can’t be, so I’m learning how to appreciate it.

That being said, part two made part one so much better. The gestalt! Jesus Crikey, the gestalt is where it is at. I can honestly say that seeing the two movies back to back was the best thing for it. I don’t know that I would have really gotten into the mood if I had only watched part two. Part one was so much better because I could feel comfortable knowing that there was resolution.

I actually cried three times. I cried when the battle began they were raising the wards over Hogwarts. It was beautiful. The metaphor of the individual power behind the wards joining together to protect the entire castle and all those within it moved me. Then, I cried when Voldemort killed Snape. The professor was always my favorite character, even in the first book. Even though I knew it was coming, I couldn’t have imagined how awful it was. I honestly think they made it so horrible to make sure that you felt bad for him, even if you weren’t really a fan.

And then Harry used the Pensieve. Snape’s memories were touching, but it was really when Snape held Lily in his arms, and the discussions with Dumbledore that did it to me. Dumbledore’s manipulation of Snape was angering, and played well with Snape’s desperation.

But there were also more cheering moments in part two than there were in part one. Neville was shining awesomeness, just as Luna was. I have never been a fan of Ginny, but even she was more impressive in two than any other movie she’s been in.

And then there was the Epilogue. I’m not a fan of the Epilogue. I’ve often told my friends, much to their chagrin, that I feel like the editing on the books and the movies has been very hit or miss. My problem with the Epilogue is two-fold and involves Draco:

  1. Who the Hell thought it was a good idea to give Draco that ridiculous Spencer-from-the-Hills facial hair? Seriously, that boy is pretty, but you could have aged him better than that. Giving him a stupid looking beard doesn’t make him look older, just more douchy.
  2. In the book, there is this awesome moment between Harry and Draco where they just see each other, acknowledge each other, and then move back to their families. To me, it makes the speech Harry gives to his son Albus Severus much more special. Harry tells ASP that it doesn’t matter what house he ends up in, because he will be loved either way, and that both Gryffindor and Slytherin will gain a wonderful wizard through ASP, wherever he ends up. Both of these things together tell the reader that this struggle, this war, and all the rivalry is really over. That everyone is a survivor and has grown past that pain.

My good about the movie’s handling of the Epilogue is simple, but important to me. The Trio was beautifully aged. I really loved it. I know, it is pretty stupid in the long run, but it means a lot to me because it speaks to the lives they have been able to lead. Harry and Ron have a middle-aged spread. Ron, especially, started looking more like his father body-wise. It all tells me that they haven’t been living in fear or worry or struggle. They have had the chance to really have a normal life, which is what the Epilogue should give you, the happily ever after.

(Also, Albus Severus was adorable!)


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