For Reasons I Have No Place Understanding.

My home smells like slightly burnt spam. Why? Who the fuck knows. I’m pretty sure it is supposed to be chili, but the smell. Oh, dear god, the smell! What could have caused this? RoomieJ, that’s who. He’s the only one.

In the mean while, I’m trying to sum up my needs for the camping trip of Mo’foing doom that is taking place in the middle of fuck-all July. It is hot. Why am I camping? The world may never know. I still have to cover care and feeding of my cat with another of the Roomies, so that Cat won’t end up fat and lazy before I get home.

(There is a general disagreement in my home over how animals should be treated. Roomie thinks they should be treated as favored guests. I think they are fucking animals, and should retain some knowledge of their instincts and therefore should not be over-fed for their own general well being. It has caused more than a few fights.)

I’ll be amused to see the outcome of it all. In addition to fear that Cat will have a pot-belly when I’m back home, she’s already knocked over some breakable items in my room, and we haven’t even rearranged anything recently. This is especially displeasing to Husband, as the items in question were his. I feel bad for him, but he was the one that told me not to discourage her climbing everywhere.

Now, the big question, should I clean anything, or just let it go til I get home?


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