There Is No Yes, No No, Only Goodbye.

The time has come for the house to send one of our animals along. It is sad, but she’s been suffering for quite a while, and I think that it is the best decision for everyone, but most especially her.

She was adopted by the roomies when she was approximately 10 during the time just after Hurricane Katrina blew through. She was always a plump puppy, but she’s now gotten quite chubby. She has been a bit gruff the more stress and pain she had to deal with, but she always had her own little quirkiness to her that made you like her even if she nipped at you.

She’s been in a lot of pain recently, to the point that even when medicated she won’t leave wherever she is lying. Where once she would run to the door to chase people away, she now ignores most everyone coming in and out unless the other dogs get so noisy she gets upset. She’s been shivering and shaking regardless of whether she’s warm or cold. She’s been sick all over the three foot radius she’s been in the last week and a half, and we can barely get her outside for relief.

We’re sad to do it, but we’ve made the decision to put her down. Thankfully, we get to do it at home. And while I have to be at work, the rest of the household will be able to stay with her and say goodbye. We’ve even invited former roommates over to say their goodbyes as well.

I’m hoping that tomorrow’s post will be a little happier, at least, but I don’t know that I can promise that.


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