Word Scores Galore.

I play Scrabble on facebook, and have been playing against a specific random person for the last almost year. It has been exciting, as I love to play Scrabble, and the person has been willing to play multiple games, often two and three at a time with me.

I’ve begun to wonder, though, should we be friending each other at this point? It isn’t like we talk very often, I just think that we find each other to be reliable playing buddies. I would like to be friends so that if something happens, and our games lapse for a while, we can still play with one another. I should probably ask her, but again, we don’t talk very often, and I don’t want her thinking that I’m some creeper.

All that being said, I’ve been having problems with one aspect of her play. On the Scrabble app on facebook, if you don’t have any words to play, you have to forfeit or skip your turn. Twice, Scrabble Buddy (SB) and I have gotten to the end of a game and neither of us has been able to play the final tile in our hands. I don’t mind forfeiting if I’m losing the game. But if I’m winning, I have a problem taking the forfeit, as it messes with your overall scores. SB will be just as stubborn about taking the forfeit, but she was losing by a large margin. It was quite annoying at the time.

I’ve been impressed by our games over the course of these months. She and I both play fairly strategically, so our games can be a volley of complex words and attempts at stunting the board for the other person. It’s fun, but sometimes a bit boring if we haven’t been particularly innovative in a while.

I’m trying to get my actual friends to play with me, though, as I really would like to have some new games available.


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