Just The Three Of Us.

Cat has taken to sleeping between Husband and myself at night. It is the most interaction we’ve gotten from her since she was a tiny kitten. I would love it more if it didn’t always start with her trying to crawl under my legs as I prop my laptop up on my knees. (I’m always really nervous that I’m going to forget she’s there and drop a leg, crushing her accidentally. I don’t know if I’m more frightened by the idea that she’ll be hurt or that she’ll hurt me in retribution.)

She’s even been behaving nicely when Husband rolls over and throws an arm over her in his mostly-sleep state. She will allow us to pet her, and sometimes hold her. I’m so proud of how she’s coming along.

Our only problem currently is the other animals in the house. Not all of them, just the two kittens and one of the dogs who is in love with Cat. Vader, the dog, just wants to play, but is something like six times bigger than Cat. I feel bad, because I know Vader means no harm, but that much large, excited dog is just too much for Cat to comprehend safely.

I am still stuck on the whole ‘keeping the other cats from eating Cat’s food’ thing. There isn’t anywhere else to put her food, and she’s not standing up for it, so I guess it is just a lost cause.


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