Sadly, Off Shift.

I would actually have loved to have been at work tonight, but that was apparently not to be. I’m only sort of okay with not being on shift, but it is the hand I was dealt this week, which is one of our slowest for the year. I’m lucky enough to have had some hours at least.

I also recently started to apply around again. I’m hoping that something will come of it soon, as it is kind of sucky to not have a job that has regular hours. I’m also hoping that with a couple more years experience under my belt now that I’ll have an easier time getting interviews.

Also, I’ve been getting my excited on again. Dragon*Con is coming up so very soon, and I’m all kinds of flailing about it. The guest list looks amazing, my Husband is even getting there. The only problem is that there was a mix up with our reservation with our hotel, so we are having to work to get that figured out as it is technically a holiday weekend, and that kind of bill we cannot afford. I mean, there are people in the area we could crash with, but it is ridiculous to do so when we got that reservation so long ago, and it has been checked since then with no problems.

For them to lose it now is pissing me off. But, the complaint has been filed, and we are just having to slosh through the mess.


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