Project Runaway Ep.1.

Only one episode into the season, and I’ve already nicknamed half the designers for this year. Please, don’t think me awful, as most of these names are meant for humor based on what they have given so far.

Danielle=Annie Oakley
Becky=Cult Woman
Olivier=Student Work
Rafael=Marta Preacher
Joshua=Fake Straight
Julie=Snow Bunny

Bert is just Bert, he’s better than I was worried he would be. I remember that the last older man who had been out of the business a while ended up sucking big time. I was glad to be rid of him. Bert, however, seems to be really trying to get started on his life again, and so is willing to try to grow as a designer.

Many of the designs were really decent, and I’m glad to see that the talent seems to be back. I’m not well pleased with the previous few seasons I just hope that the good continues. The taste levels also seem okay so far, but it has only been one episode in.

Spoiler alert:




I’m glad the got rid of Marta preacher. He was frightening to me in look and taste level. His outfit had one interesting piece to it, and the rest was just a mess.


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