Exes and Currents.

I’ve never really been that dating kind of gal. I have always been heavy, and awkward, and too smart for my own good even as I’m a freaking moron. Socially, I was the one who could fix up your project, or give you a shoulder to cry on, but not the one you wanted to make out with. I dated two guys in high school, and I married the second one.

I like myself, much better now than then, though. I’m happy with the way things have turned out. I managed to stay pretty much friends with my ex, and to the point that we still talk on facebook and send messages and pictures back and forth every once in a while. Honestly, the only reason we don’t really talk more is because we just aren’t at the same point in our lives.

I got married rather young, and I love my husband a little more each day. It actually kind of bothers me that I broke up with him when we were still in high school, but I still believe that it was the right decision to make. Having that time apart made me understand who I am and what I want. It also gave us the time to grow up a little more and know that we are right together.

I always see things about how awkward and horrible it is to deal with exes and currents and how people don’t like to interact with their exes, and I never quite understand it. I can understand if it was a bad break up, or if something horrible happened, but if you just don’t fit together? If you just grow apart? Grow up already. Take some time away from one another and move on, then remember the things you liked about each other.

Maybe you aren’t right at this moment, maybe you never will be, but you need to know how you need to live your life before you can try to work anything else out. Exes aren’t the enemy, even when they are history.


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