Popped Tops And Filled Up.

Now that I have a collection of bottle tops (gathered from various get-togethers, but mostly from IBC Root Beers), I’m really needing to get down to business with them. I’ve got to really scrub them down, and hopefully get the rubber/glue out of them. With the removal of that stuff, I’m hoping any lingering germs will be gone.

I’ve found a few tutorials online for how to flatten them out, and I’m pretty certain that the directions can be retooled to not flatten them out, but fan out the outer rim. I’ve been wondering what they would look like if I broke up a few of my bottles and put a few pieces of glass into them, then filled them with my embossing liquid.

If the glass looks good, I might be looking around for yellow and orange glass, to see if I can do some Starry Night inspired pieces.

I still haven’t decided it I’m going to be doing pendants or magnets, or even rings if I can find the right materials. Any ideas?


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