Not My Blanket, You Cat!

Cat has decided in the last few weeks that under the blanket is hers, and apparently hers alone. I am not in agreement on this one.

To be honest, I probably wouldn’t mind sharing if she weren’t such a bitch about it, but she’s so mean! She doesn’t like it if I shift my legs, or try to become comfortable in any way. If I do manage to put my legs somewhere she doesn’t want them, she is sure to express her displeasure with claws and teeth.

All that being said, Cat is currently lying between my knees, over my blanket, since I haven’t let her find any way under it today. She’s still almost as bitchy this way as she would be under the damn thing, but there are a few layers of cloth between us to protect me!

She’s been in something of a foul mood lately, and I’m not really certain why. I have a theory that it has something to do with Husband and I being home the last few weeks, but not letting her escape to the outside (i.e. to play with the other cats). We normally would try, but by the time we’ve been getting in, we are so tired we just want to crash. Crashing means having the door closed so Husband can sleep, and having the door closed means that Cat has to be in our room, otherwise she won’t have access to her food, water, or litter. I really don’t want to see how it would end up if we didn’t have her in the room with us.

One of our friends had to borrow our room for a bit for a personal call, and decided he wants to find another place in the house to handle his business for a while because Cat is being so awkward. So sad, but I can’t fix it outside of trying to find out if it is the time in the room that’s bothering her.


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