Project Runaway Ep.2.

Second episode is apparently the non-conventional challenge. The idea of shopping at a pet store is okay, but I really could have lived without thinking about some of the materials people pulled.

Dog Food? Really? Really?? The smell alone!

The dog training pads were just as predictable to me as dog beds. The bird seed and aquarium rocks were more interesting to me. Even the fake plants for aquariums were a good idea to go with. I just wish that there weren’t so many designs that looked like they were coming from Madonna’s late eighties wardrobe.

Early on, Bert was failing me. And then he continued to. Really, there was no reason for him to put in so little effort. His design was overly simplistic, and didn’t follow through on the point of the competition. He knew he was doing it, as well, which makes it that much worse. I don’t have much respect for that.

Favorite moment of the night? Tim said the word fabulosity. It isn’t an actual word, which is why I’m so in love with Tim saying it, because he always comes across with a propriety that I love from him.

Spoiler alert:




We are rid of Fake Straight. I will mourn for the loss of the fallout from his crush on the other Josh.


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