Cyber Bullying In Adults.

A sad, but apparently quite common occurrence if my news feed is to be believed. A friend of mine recently posted a link to pictures related to pro-marriage equality protests, and a ‘friend’ of hers promptly told her she was going to Hell. Now, I am never going to say that you can’t have your own opinion (unless you are my child and it is for your own good, which is a very different situation), but I’m also a big fan of keeping your damn mouth shut.

For me, it goes like this, fuck PC, just be respectful. Irreverence and jokes are all fine, but if someone is hurt by them, it is not okay to continue. If someone posts a link you don’t respect, or you have a problem with, leave it alone, especially if it isn’t harming anything by law. If someone is being hurt, then it might be right to speak up, but in the proper context. Crimes should be reported to the police; abuse should be reported to the proper authorities.

As adults, we should know better than to resort to hate and fear tactics to get our way. As reasonable persons, we should be able to express ourselves without someone telling us that we are too young to be able to argue against years of oppressive thinking and cultural conceptions that are deemed irresponsible by modern standards. And as human beings, we should realize that we have the responsibility to every generation in our contact to be the best person possible and to help others do the same in a respectful manner and in appropriate settings.

But your opinions? They belong on your own damn wall.


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