Getting Organized For December.

Finally, I’m getting everything in order for winter holidays. I have a few things that I haven’t decided on yet, but I’m working towards getting a list of pressies together. Mostly right now it is just concepts of how I’m going to craft things together.

The chicks are so much easier to figure out presents for. I think that’s because they can carry most kinds of jewelry off easily, and that’s what a lot of the time efficient crafts are all about. I’m not really sure what I’m going to do with the guys, but I’ll probably end up pretty squared away for my baby brother.

My dad and brothers-in-law will be right up there with Husband’s dad for difficult to figure out presents for. Everyone else will be happy to get something that someone put effort into. The problem is trying to find something that is useful, or at least practical.

And then there are the youngest generation in our family. Plushes for them, maybe?


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