So Few Options In The DVR.

I sat down today to pull up the DVR in the hopes of watching something good, only to find that I had only one show recorded this week because everything has gone off season. Fail! Fail, I tell you!

In any event, I have Alphas to watch, which has turned out to be a much better show than we originally assumed. (We, in this instance, being myself and several of my friends.) What several people originally had identified as an autistic character being made a fool of. I felt sort of the same during the first episode, though my reaction wasn’t was strong as theirs.

As the show has progress, it has seemed to me that they set the autistic character up as the youngest brother who happens to be autistic. I am kind of biased though, as my younger brother has Asperger’s, so I think in those terms. Gary, the character is incredibly sweet, but very confrontational about his needs and wants, which is somewhat awkward as it doesn’t follow the prescribed forms of requests like society usually demands.

Often the group around him has to make the decision about whether he should be corrected (i.e. reminded of how society wants people to behave) or be allowed to act as he will. He is more than capable of understanding what is being asked of him in most instances, he just doesn’t care. In fact, they just had an episode that was focused on Gary’s development that pretty much laid that out.

As much as I’m enjoying Alphas, I really wish that I had some Franklin and Bash, or even Glee, because options would have been nice right now. The DVR is pretty full of stuff that I have little to no interest in, which means I’m going to have to go through it and delete everything down to a reasonable level. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get a hold of the roomies to be able to sort them out since the programs are theirs.


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