Snuggled In The Middle.

Cat and Husband are sandwiching me tonight as I write this post. It is really nice because I’ve been feeling kind of lonely lately. I’m one of those people who is incredibly conflicted about personal interaction. I adore my husband, but he also annoys the hell out of me sometimes, so even as I want to hug him close, he’s doing something that makes me want to push him away.

He and I both have different concepts of what personal boundaries are. Neither of us thinks twice about licking the other’s arms, legs, even face if given the right opportunity. If Husband wants attention, he tends to just shove himself into whatever available space there is. I’m pretty aggressive myself, come to that.

Tonight though, I’ve a headache from work, leftover humidity exhaustion, and a lingering sense of tiredness from work. It is nice to come home and have the chance to get some affection from my loved ones, even if I’m not feeling great.


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