I try to restrain the number of fandoms I actively pursue at any given point, but then my friends draw me into something else, and all the good intentions fly out the window. This time, it’s Suits, which is USA’s newest duo-show.

Suits is apparently about a young ne’er-do-well being mentored by a hot-shot lawyer. The characters are amusing, and the procedure of the show hasn’t been too awful so far. I’m hoping that the show will continue to be something that I can watch off and on, as I know I am awful at trying to watch shows when they come on (excluding Project Runway, which I’m more dedicated to than I should be).

USA has been putting out a great many shows that focus on duos and partnerships. This style of show isn’t in and of itself a problem, but the number of programs with this set up has been somewhat odd. Usually, the duos are more on par with one another (Psyched and In Plain Sight), but a year or so ago, they introduced White Collar, which has been a blessing to those who love threesome fic, and now they have Suits.

The ne’er-do-well is named Mike Ross, while the lawyer is Harvey Spector. Right off the bat, the audience should know that Mike is going to be simple on the surface, and that Harvey is going to be flashy, but possibly with something underneath. They are set up in that classic opposites attracting really means that the young one reminds the older one of himself at that age.

I wonder if they are meaning to pull a brotherly relationship out of it, because the relationship so far is coming off as a strange mixture of parent-child and almost UST. The effect is something quite d/s, which has been fueling some of the fic coming out. I have to admit that the best I’ve read so far was a d/s fic. Very lovely, and quite highly saved/recced.

Tonight is PR night, but I have to work, so I will once again be viewing it on the DVR. It makes me sad, but I’m glad to have the hours.


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