Project Runaway Ep.4.

This week’s challenge is the day to evening challenge, but the twist was that they were designing for Nina Garcia. In the past, the designers have gotten the chance to design for Heidi, but I had the feeling that Nina was not going to be as easy to please.

Just a side note, I love the music they played through the ‘client meet’. It creates so much more drama than is actually present in the interviews. Nina is direct, but fair, asking for what she is aware the designers are capable of doing and requesting that they adjust their concepts accordingly. But every time she would say something that wasn’t quite in line with what they were pitching, their faces would fall, fall, fall.

Nina was quite specific about what she likes and doesn’t like, and they see her every challenge, in magazines, and every past season of PR. How could they not know what she would like to see for herself?

I’m so tired and over the designers thinking that the others are trying to sabotage them through fabric choices. If fabric is awesome, then it is bound to attract more than one person. And I’ve also noticed that certain techniques and trends come into vogue on the show, making a situation where most of the designers are incorporating them, but decide that the person they like the least is somehow stealing their concepts and designs. It is all stupid pettiness, and I’m ready for it to be done so that I can see pretties.

Poor Anya, though. She loves patterns, and Nina hates them. The fabric is not my favorite, but most of the fabric choices this challenge were pretty bad to me. And really, most of the designs looked a bit weak to me as well. Midway in, I couldn’t even see where most of the designs were going, and most of them didn’t really look like Nina to me.

The lack of direction was such a problem that all of the designers were still sewing two hours before the show. Like, sewing-sewing, not just fitting. Some designers helped others to finish, and it was just a mess. Some of them were even gluing.

My feel:

Josh: ew.
Bert: chicer than expected, but kind of off for me*
Olivier: wtf? very strange panels on the jacket*
Anthony Ryan: boring*
Cult: I actually like her use of the fabric better*
Kimberly: the gold isn’t me, but it looks good today
Cecilia: the fit is wierd, and the colors are blah
Anya: turned out so much better than I expected
Annie Oakley: Just badly put together
Julie: really good concept, but very messy. Like, horribly messy
Bryce: that hem is just awful. It has some good points, but not overall*
Snow bunny: Christmas ornament?*
Viktor: didn’t like the hips, otherwise pretty blah


Spoiler alert:





  • Viktor
  • Kimberly*
  • Anya


  • Julie*
  • Cecilia
  • Annie Oakley

The Losing Design

The Winning Design

*Winner and Loser, respectively


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