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Finally Safe, Don’t Know About Sound.

Husband, Fritter, and I are finally back in our respective homes for now. The actual trip was pretty scary, as we ended up hitting a lot of bad weather on the way back down, but Dragon*Con was as amazing as ever.

I’m currently still trying to recover, and I may have a post about the lovely pieces we picked up on the trip, but I know that I’m owing a PR post, and have one due tomorrow, so that’s going to be my focus as I haven’t even watched this week’s episode. I watched last week’s, but it came through so poorly on the cable at the hotel that I’m going to re-watch it to make sure that I have a clear view of everything.

Husband and I have also decided that costuming for next year will begin in January to make sure that we end up with enough time. With Fritter’s help, I’m hoping to become more proficient at machine sewing, so that not everything I do has to be done by hand. We have to decide what costumes to do, first, however.

I finally got husband into my corset this Dragon*Con, which was completely delicious, and he’s agreed to do a cosplay that puts him back in it, but I have to figure out what to do with him. I’m actually kind if leaning toward Red Queen (which I’ve been wanting to do for years) and King for me instead. The only real problem that I see with that is that Husband wouldn’t want any photographic evidence, just because his family is so weird about those kinds of things.

Speaking of Husband’s family weirdness, we were having dinner with them, and the brothers insisted on putting meatballs in a sauce that had already had meat added to it. Am I the only one who finds this strange? I’m not against a think sauce by any means, but it always seems as though I can’t actually get any sauce when they do that. Also, it makes me feel slightly sick to my stomach from the seasonings in the meatballs (which are almost always pre-packaged and not particularly good to begin with.

Now one of the brothers is pissed with me because I insisted that the meatballs don’t go into the sauce, even though I was the one who got the sauce started. You would think that making his job easier by cutting out needless steps would appeal to him, but apparently I’m just the devil today.


On The Road Again.

The only thing making the trip back home bearable is that I’m going to see my nieces (hopefully) and my parents (and their spouses, I suppose).


*le sigh* Last day of Con. Time to pack up and get out, until next year.


Today is the third day of the Con, which is awesome, because that means Masquerade, and all kinds of goodies. Tomorrow is the last day, which sucks, but will mean that I just have to think about next year’s!

Sry. Drgning It Up.

I would normally have a post today about Project Runway, and how crappy some designer was, or how bitchy somebody got, or how pretty one random piece was, but I’m too busy being at muthafucking Dragon*Con! (I am made of win.) Check me next week for two PR posts, wouldja?

Also, tonight is the night of the Aquarium visit. Dragon*Con is getting special access to the Atlanta Aquarium.


First day of Con!!

Checking In Day.

We’ll be checking into the hotel today. I’m so glad we get to stay on site this year!!

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