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Scheduling Mismanagement.

So, I write most of these posts out of order and make decisions about how I want to post them. The problem is I save them with the intent to come back and check them over before I post, and then have too many real world distractions to actually fulfill the obligation to this blog. I make that obligation, but then trip at the finish.

I should perhaps learn to tie my freaking shoelaces.

In any event, I continue to try my best to get these posts out in a timely manner. To properly schedule and spend the time to get everything out, even if the post is about nothing more than securing that promise.


My Apologies.

I truly mean for this blog to be have a daily update, but I was unable to write the update for the ninth. My dearest brothers graduated yesterday, and so I spent the day neck high in ceremony, clothes, and food. The combination (with a little help from Sir Alcohol) was heady and lovely and everyone seemed to have a good time.

After the actual ceremony, we went to an Irish restaurant very favored in the family. We had company in the form of family from out of town, and rocked the place with toasts and stories.

I’m so very worn out from the day, but also so pleased and proud. The brothers are awesome guys, and truly deserve to be done with their basic education. They aren’t very excited to be moving on, which is only to be expected at this point, but I know they are capable of great things.

  • edit: wow. I should probably not write these things while still a little drunk.

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