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The Dragon*Con Cometh.

Holy. Crikey. Batman.

Go. Go HERE and tell me it isn’t a thing of beauty. Look at those guests! Look at those stars! Freaking Mark Sheppard! Freaking Tom Felton! Freaking Doc Hammer! So many fandoms, so little time!!

(no, I do not feel bad for abusing the exclamation point for this post. I mean every fucking one of those beauts!)

This list is even more epic than last years, and that’s saying crazy things. I’m so freaking excited!!! You have no idea. Okay, so maybe you have some idea since I have gone a little… exuberant with my points, but still.

These people are the stars of my day dreams and of my favorite shows. They are creators; they are the music makers. They are the dreamers of the dreams.

I can’t explain to you everything that it means to me that I will be in buildings with them. For the multiple times, with some of them. My mind spins with it.

Some other day I might be posting pictures of my costume in progress. I’m in so much love and happiness right now:

  • Dragon*Con list keeps getting awesomer
  • cosplay is in the cards
  • HPDH is out in the next week!
  • I have three days off this week instead of two
  • I’ve had people complimenting me on my handcrafted jewelry

This has been a good week, even if I did cry at work the other day. (It was a very bad, horrible, no good, fuck off kind of day, and I was pmsing. I can’t stand mood swings.)


10 Reasons Why My Favorite Superhero Is Awesomer Than Yours.

10. He’s pretty fly for a white guy.

09. Split personality disorder is pretty exciting stuff.

08. Smarts and training are more reliable than random mutations and brawn.

07. He’s a rich mo’fo.

06. His cave is bigger than his house!

05. Who else has a freaking replica of a tyrannosaurus rex?

04. He’s a loner who manages to have a family. That’s a pretty sweet set up.

03. He’s an inspiration to most, and a nightmare to everyone else.

02. His foster father is just as BAMF as he is, even though his foster father is a freaking British servant.

01. He’s freaking Batman, of course he’s awesomer than everyone else.

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