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Since You Looked At Me.

I’m one week away from Dragon*Con! I’m trying to decide if I want to set up little snippets to be posted during that time, or just let the blog lie fallow in the fields of the internet. There is so much to do in preparation, but I’ve been terribly lazy. The only real effort I’ve made is half a crochet project I meant to do for a friend I’ll be seeing and buying two boxes of hair dye for myself.

Husband has been doing more since he has to get work prepared for it, but that’s really more about making sure the whole place doesn’t fall to bits while we are out of the state. I mean, really, I think they would probably shatter if Husband wasn’t there to protect the brittle pieces and cushion the blows.

Cat is going to be left to the devices of the roomies, which as previously discussed, can be quite harrowing. I’m worried that we’ll come back and she will have gained thirty pounds and developed a taste for marsupial flesh and cow’s milk. Yeah, I know it probably isn’t that bad, but I’m a worrier, and they kind of suck hardcore at following my directions.

I still don’t know if I’m going to costume at any point. My new found allergy to latex has reared enough for me to rethink Zedding up for anything. It sucks, but I’m glad that it happened early enough for me to realize and not get fucked up by the itching and pain. Also, I’m wondering if I would be able to take a Benadryl and ignore it. (According to my research, technically yes, but I could also shift into anaphylactic shock fairly rapidly if exposed enough. fuck.)

In any event, I’m spazzing the fuck out for the joy of being at Dragon*Con. I’m super, duper, crazy excited. I love seeing friends and being around the con so much!


Lubing Up The Cat.

I feed Vaseline to Cat pretty much daily. Please, let me explain. There is a perfectly reasonable reason, I promise.

Anyone who’s had cats usually knows that hairballs can be an issue if your cat is kept indoors. Sometimes, cats just can’t process all the hair they eat when they bathe themselves, and really, hairballs are icky, icky, icky. If a cat can get outside, then they often will eat grass and leaves to help themselves throw up the hairball, but Cat is not going outside.

So I go with a little more logical approach. The Vaseline acts as a lubricant, and doesn’t allow the hairballs to form as easily, meaning Cat is less likely to have them. And frankly, Cat loves it.

I don’t give her much, just a pea-sized bit spread over my finger a few times a week. Cat comes running for it every time. She hears the lid popping off the container, and she’s right there. She comes for it more readily than she does her food.

Fritter saw me doing this and thought I was out of my mind, but I’ve been doing this for years with other cats. I learned it from my mom, and really, it is just as viable an option as the more costly hairball solutions sold in stores, considering most of those are edible salves based on, you guessed it!, Vaseline. Why spend more on something that is just going to do the same damn thing?

And besides, I like Vaseline because it comes in a tub or jar, which means I don’t have to sit there and try to squeeze it out of a tube.

Husband is against the whole thing, mainly because he hates Vaseline in general. His take is that a) it is disgusting, and b) it eats through latex. That’s pretty much all you need to know about the horrors of Vaseline. I think this is a pretty limited view, but I’m aware that his opinion is shared with quite a few. I don’t really care. I mean, the feel is no different than any other lubricant (including olive oil and vegetable oil), and it isn’t harming Cat, and she loves it.

And really, anything to mean that I have to step on fewer hairballs, ’cause in the grand scheme of disgusting? Hairballs win the prize.

Snuggled In The Middle.

Cat and Husband are sandwiching me tonight as I write this post. It is really nice because I’ve been feeling kind of lonely lately. I’m one of those people who is incredibly conflicted about personal interaction. I adore my husband, but he also annoys the hell out of me sometimes, so even as I want to hug him close, he’s doing something that makes me want to push him away.

He and I both have different concepts of what personal boundaries are. Neither of us thinks twice about licking the other’s arms, legs, even face if given the right opportunity. If Husband wants attention, he tends to just shove himself into whatever available space there is. I’m pretty aggressive myself, come to that.

Tonight though, I’ve a headache from work, leftover humidity exhaustion, and a lingering sense of tiredness from work. It is nice to come home and have the chance to get some affection from my loved ones, even if I’m not feeling great.

Not My Blanket, You Cat!

Cat has decided in the last few weeks that under the blanket is hers, and apparently hers alone. I am not in agreement on this one.

To be honest, I probably wouldn’t mind sharing if she weren’t such a bitch about it, but she’s so mean! She doesn’t like it if I shift my legs, or try to become comfortable in any way. If I do manage to put my legs somewhere she doesn’t want them, she is sure to express her displeasure with claws and teeth.

All that being said, Cat is currently lying between my knees, over my blanket, since I haven’t let her find any way under it today. She’s still almost as bitchy this way as she would be under the damn thing, but there are a few layers of cloth between us to protect me!

She’s been in something of a foul mood lately, and I’m not really certain why. I have a theory that it has something to do with Husband and I being home the last few weeks, but not letting her escape to the outside (i.e. to play with the other cats). We normally would try, but by the time we’ve been getting in, we are so tired we just want to crash. Crashing means having the door closed so Husband can sleep, and having the door closed means that Cat has to be in our room, otherwise she won’t have access to her food, water, or litter. I really don’t want to see how it would end up if we didn’t have her in the room with us.

One of our friends had to borrow our room for a bit for a personal call, and decided he wants to find another place in the house to handle his business for a while because Cat is being so awkward. So sad, but I can’t fix it outside of trying to find out if it is the time in the room that’s bothering her.

Just The Three Of Us.

Cat has taken to sleeping between Husband and myself at night. It is the most interaction we’ve gotten from her since she was a tiny kitten. I would love it more if it didn’t always start with her trying to crawl under my legs as I prop my laptop up on my knees. (I’m always really nervous that I’m going to forget she’s there and drop a leg, crushing her accidentally. I don’t know if I’m more frightened by the idea that she’ll be hurt or that she’ll hurt me in retribution.)

She’s even been behaving nicely when Husband rolls over and throws an arm over her in his mostly-sleep state. She will allow us to pet her, and sometimes hold her. I’m so proud of how she’s coming along.

Our only problem currently is the other animals in the house. Not all of them, just the two kittens and one of the dogs who is in love with Cat. Vader, the dog, just wants to play, but is something like six times bigger than Cat. I feel bad, because I know Vader means no harm, but that much large, excited dog is just too much for Cat to comprehend safely.

I am still stuck on the whole ‘keeping the other cats from eating Cat’s food’ thing. There isn’t anywhere else to put her food, and she’s not standing up for it, so I guess it is just a lost cause.

Cat Can Has Nest.

She has managed to find a box and move all of the items in it around until she can fit her body snugly in. It is incredibly cute, but also kind of dangerous, because that box? Way up high above our heads. Not where you want boxes of doom at any point.

She loves to hide there and then pounce on people below. While I would normally encourage this kind of action around others, I don’t want five pounds of cat with claws falling on my crown anytime soon so I’m attempting to dissuade her from the spot. Problem is, so long as she’s there, she’s not destructive to the rest of the house. That is a good thing.

Sadly, this is still her behaving better than she did before her fixin’. I can’t really blame her attitude either. I don’t like people screwing around in my space, why should she?

For Reasons I Have No Place Understanding.

My home smells like slightly burnt spam. Why? Who the fuck knows. I’m pretty sure it is supposed to be chili, but the smell. Oh, dear god, the smell! What could have caused this? RoomieJ, that’s who. He’s the only one.

In the mean while, I’m trying to sum up my needs for the camping trip of Mo’foing doom that is taking place in the middle of fuck-all July. It is hot. Why am I camping? The world may never know. I still have to cover care and feeding of my cat with another of the Roomies, so that Cat won’t end up fat and lazy before I get home.

(There is a general disagreement in my home over how animals should be treated. Roomie thinks they should be treated as favored guests. I think they are fucking animals, and should retain some knowledge of their instincts and therefore should not be over-fed for their own general well being. It has caused more than a few fights.)

I’ll be amused to see the outcome of it all. In addition to fear that Cat will have a pot-belly when I’m back home, she’s already knocked over some breakable items in my room, and we haven’t even rearranged anything recently. This is especially displeasing to Husband, as the items in question were his. I feel bad for him, but he was the one that told me not to discourage her climbing everywhere.

Now, the big question, should I clean anything, or just let it go til I get home?

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