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Project Runaway Ep.5.

Going into the episode, I’m amused by the idea that the team captains will be chosen by who runs 200 meters the fastest. Of course, it is all guys who when the race, which sucks, but there you are.

Team lineups:

  • Josh, Anya, and Becky
  • Bryce, Kimberly, and Danielle
  • Anthony, Laura, and Bert
  • Viktor, Olivier, and because there were only two of them since Cecilia jumped ship, they chose Josh C. to bring back

The idea of designing an three outfits around sneakers that are not necessarily sports or casual wear is interesting. And watching the teams trying to work around their perceived handicaps is pretty funny. Putting the emphasis on the materials of suede and denim is just mean.

I think that some of the teams jumped a bit to quickly to clique status where two of the members are getting along great, but the third is just a sore thumb. It causes dissent in the ranks, and definitely sets people up to be thrown under the bus.

I wasn’t a huge fan of Team Viktor’s collection. Team Bryce’s weren’t much better. I really don’t think that Bryce’s dress was good at all. Funny enough, though, I kind of liked BB Annie Oakley’s. Team Anthony’s  was just sad excluding Bert’s. Team Josh’s garments, though, were the best as a collection, even if I didn’t really like Anya’s.

I do agree with the judges that there was no clear high or low team, that each team had those points within their designs. Check out the designs on Lifetime’s site.

Josh: I don’t really love the vest, but the top is okay.
Anya: Awkward maxi dress of doom
Becky: I don’t really love it, but it could have been a lot worse. I think it is a bit strange in the proportions.
Overall: Looks like a collection, at least.

Anthony: So, so messy. reminds me of the strange diaper pants from a few seasons back
Laura: eh. the print didn’t work for me.
Bert: probably the best of the bunch to me, a little wide in the shoulders, but less messy than the other two.
Overall: just. just, yeah, no.

Viktor: I like the jacket, and the dress is decent.
Josh C: I like the outfit, it feels like something you would see on the street.
Olivier: What in the world is that skirt?
Overall: Olivier’s outfit was disconnected from the rest of the collection

Bryce: I hate that dress. It looks like a stupid box
Kimberly: I don’t understand the jacket with the poofy shorts.
Danielle: The blouse looks a lot worse up close.
Overall: just. no.

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Project Runaway Ep.4.

This week’s challenge is the day to evening challenge, but the twist was that they were designing for Nina Garcia. In the past, the designers have gotten the chance to design for Heidi, but I had the feeling that Nina was not going to be as easy to please.

Just a side note, I love the music they played through the ‘client meet’. It creates so much more drama than is actually present in the interviews. Nina is direct, but fair, asking for what she is aware the designers are capable of doing and requesting that they adjust their concepts accordingly. But every time she would say something that wasn’t quite in line with what they were pitching, their faces would fall, fall, fall.

Nina was quite specific about what she likes and doesn’t like, and they see her every challenge, in magazines, and every past season of PR. How could they not know what she would like to see for herself?

I’m so tired and over the designers thinking that the others are trying to sabotage them through fabric choices. If fabric is awesome, then it is bound to attract more than one person. And I’ve also noticed that certain techniques and trends come into vogue on the show, making a situation where most of the designers are incorporating them, but decide that the person they like the least is somehow stealing their concepts and designs. It is all stupid pettiness, and I’m ready for it to be done so that I can see pretties.

Poor Anya, though. She loves patterns, and Nina hates them. The fabric is not my favorite, but most of the fabric choices this challenge were pretty bad to me. And really, most of the designs looked a bit weak to me as well. Midway in, I couldn’t even see where most of the designs were going, and most of them didn’t really look like Nina to me.

The lack of direction was such a problem that all of the designers were still sewing two hours before the show. Like, sewing-sewing, not just fitting. Some designers helped others to finish, and it was just a mess. Some of them were even gluing.

My feel:

Josh: ew.
Bert: chicer than expected, but kind of off for me*
Olivier: wtf? very strange panels on the jacket*
Anthony Ryan: boring*
Cult: I actually like her use of the fabric better*
Kimberly: the gold isn’t me, but it looks good today
Cecilia: the fit is wierd, and the colors are blah
Anya: turned out so much better than I expected
Annie Oakley: Just badly put together
Julie: really good concept, but very messy. Like, horribly messy
Bryce: that hem is just awful. It has some good points, but not overall*
Snow bunny: Christmas ornament?*
Viktor: didn’t like the hips, otherwise pretty blah


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Dice and Pearls.

I swear my MIL is not going to have a single thing to give me come winter hols time. Last night, she gave me not one, but two of my presents she’s been working so hard on. Husband’s pouting because he feels like she is doing so much for me, but not for him or his brothers, but I think that she just feels like I will appreciate the effort she’s putting in for me.

Crafting is something she and I both share; we have a running joke that I’m going to inherit all of her crafting supplies should anything happen to her. I love working on crafts, and she has been so awesome at making jewelry for me that I love.

This having been said, the last piece she gave me is my official new favorite. She gave me a dice and pearl necklace, and it. is. gorgeous.

You see, I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this, but Husband and I are complete geeks/dorks.  We like to dress up in costumes and costume makeup. We go to science fiction conventions. We argue about who is the better captain, Kirk or Picard. We play Dungeons and Dragons.

Dungeons and Dragons is the game we play every week, and one of the fun parts of playing is that you always have a set of dice. And the dice aren’t just your standard board game six-sided dice, either. There are many different kinds!

A Pound of Dice from DnDdice.com

Most sets have 1 d4, 1 d6, 1 d8, 1 d10, 1 d12, 1 d20, and 1 percentage die, which is the same shape as a d10, and can be used the same way, just marked with multiples of ten as opposed to just single digits and 10.

In any event, MIL decided to make me a necklace out of them because they are so much fun, they play a pretty big part of our lives and interactions, and because we all bond over them. Husband bought me my first and second sets, and I’ve bought him two sets as well.

The necklace is absolutely beautiful. It is in shades of blue (one of my favorite colors), and I can’t wait to wear it. I’ve decided that I’ll be wearing it to Dragon*Con, and I’m trying to decide how often I can get away with it!

Project Runaway Ep.3.

First pairs challenge of the season, and it involves stilts! And it seems as though everyone hates each other already. And it’s a one day challenge on top of that. At least they got $500. (And the first public/outdoor runway.)

Early on, and everyone is bitching about their partners except for Anya and Olivier, who are the previous two winners (sorry if you haven’t seen the eps yet). It is ridiculous. Less bitching, more clothing.

I like the idea of the dark ballerina, but that was the only idea that seemed solid from any of the designers, but it failed in the execution. The red came out in Barbie and Anthony’s, who apparently only bought reds. More power to them.


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Project Runaway Ep.2.

Second episode is apparently the non-conventional challenge. The idea of shopping at a pet store is okay, but I really could have lived without thinking about some of the materials people pulled.

Dog Food? Really? Really?? The smell alone!

The dog training pads were just as predictable to me as dog beds. The bird seed and aquarium rocks were more interesting to me. Even the fake plants for aquariums were a good idea to go with. I just wish that there weren’t so many designs that looked like they were coming from Madonna’s late eighties wardrobe.

Early on, Bert was failing me. And then he continued to. Really, there was no reason for him to put in so little effort. His design was overly simplistic, and didn’t follow through on the point of the competition. He knew he was doing it, as well, which makes it that much worse. I don’t have much respect for that.

Favorite moment of the night? Tim said the word fabulosity. It isn’t an actual word, which is why I’m so in love with Tim saying it, because he always comes across with a propriety that I love from him.

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Project Runaway Ep.1.

Only one episode into the season, and I’ve already nicknamed half the designers for this year. Please, don’t think me awful, as most of these names are meant for humor based on what they have given so far.

Danielle=Annie Oakley
Becky=Cult Woman
Olivier=Student Work
Rafael=Marta Preacher
Joshua=Fake Straight
Julie=Snow Bunny

Bert is just Bert, he’s better than I was worried he would be. I remember that the last older man who had been out of the business a while ended up sucking big time. I was glad to be rid of him. Bert, however, seems to be really trying to get started on his life again, and so is willing to try to grow as a designer.

Many of the designs were really decent, and I’m glad to see that the talent seems to be back. I’m not well pleased with the previous few seasons I just hope that the good continues. The taste levels also seem okay so far, but it has only been one episode in.

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My Imaginary Shoping Spree.

I love clothes, but as a plus size gal, I do have problems finding clothes at times.Especially clothing at a decent price. But sometimes, I really do love just looky-looing online to see what I can see in the way of outfitting myself with pretties.

With that in mind, I thought I might share with you one of my put-togethers.

Proper foundation:




And then the layers:




And so it is even better:


And that’s how I roll.

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