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Finally Safe, Don’t Know About Sound.

Husband, Fritter, and I are finally back in our respective homes for now. The actual trip was pretty scary, as we ended up hitting a lot of bad weather on the way back down, but Dragon*Con was as amazing as ever.

I’m currently still trying to recover, and I may have a post about the lovely pieces we picked up on the trip, but I know that I’m owing a PR post, and have one due tomorrow, so that’s going to be my focus as I haven’t even watched this week’s episode. I watched last week’s, but it came through so poorly on the cable at the hotel that I’m going to re-watch it to make sure that I have a clear view of everything.

Husband and I have also decided that costuming for next year will begin in January to make sure that we end up with enough time. With Fritter’s help, I’m hoping to become more proficient at machine sewing, so that not everything I do has to be done by hand. We have to decide what costumes to do, first, however.

I finally got husband into my corset this Dragon*Con, which was completely delicious, and he’s agreed to do a cosplay that puts him back in it, but I have to figure out what to do with him. I’m actually kind if leaning toward Red Queen (which I’ve been wanting to do for years) and King for me instead. The only real problem that I see with that is that Husband wouldn’t want any photographic evidence, just because his family is so weird about those kinds of things.

Speaking of Husband’s family weirdness, we were having dinner with them, and the brothers insisted on putting meatballs in a sauce that had already had meat added to it. Am I the only one who finds this strange? I’m not against a think sauce by any means, but it always seems as though I can’t actually get any sauce when they do that. Also, it makes me feel slightly sick to my stomach from the seasonings in the meatballs (which are almost always pre-packaged and not particularly good to begin with.

Now one of the brothers is pissed with me because I insisted that the meatballs don’t go into the sauce, even though I was the one who got the sauce started. You would think that making his job easier by cutting out needless steps would appeal to him, but apparently I’m just the devil today.


Sealed Up In A Cave Somewhere.

I have something to confess, I suffer from a dangerous addiction. The effects are debilitating, it causes fights between Husband and myself, and I just can’t seem to stop it. It’s awful, but I seem to fall into it every time it is available to me. It is called Hermits, and I love it as much as I love Cat, which you know means more than it should.

Okay, so Hermits are cookies. Molasses cookies. With walnuts… and raisins. They are addicting as shit. Seriously. And Husband hates them, of course. I’ve always been fond of molasses cookies, but I’m from Georgia, as a rule, molasses cookies weren’t really on the table as a viable option. You can find the cheapies in stores, but they are often so sugared that they rip your throat up.

Husband’s Mom was my first provider, but I’ve since learned how to bake them up myself, and though mine never turn out quite right (always a bit underdone. always.), they are still delicious as hell. The thing is, MIL doesn’t like them, either, so she bakes them under duress because her husband loves them as deeply as I do.

Last night, FIL decided to bake some up to take to his ailing father to help cheer him up, so now there are dozens of them sitting in the kitchen unattended. I keep forgetting they are out there, and then succumbing to temptation all over again. I’ve been able to curb myself to only four in the last four hours, but I’m literally trying to hide right now so that I don’t have the urge to steal them all.

Damn, cookie monster’s got nothing on me right now!

Fallen Puff Of Pastry.

I wish I had pictures for you, but they were all eaten so quickly! Tonight, I came home to Butterbeer-inspired eclairs. They were flipping good, despite my distaste for butterscotch.

Apparently, the eclair bread fell, so my roomie ended up stacking them instead of filling them. Even so, the texture on the bread was fabulous. The filling was some glorious concoction half-made up from a whoopie pie recipe and a Butterbeer cupcake recipe, then drizzled with a butterscotch ganache. It was some serious win.

I actually can’t stand butterscotch, which means that most Butterbeer recipes are of no use to me. It makes me sad, because it is such an integral part of the HP fandom, and to not be able to celebrate with everyone else just sucks. However, I’ve been lucky recently in that I’ve found a few alternative recipes that, while incorporating the flavors, don’t completely squick me out, so I’m able to partake. Deliciousness is good.

I’m still a bit wrung out from seeing HP&DH2. I just don’t really know what to say. I’m just hoping that the feeling mellows some before Dragon*Con, as I really would rather not be a gibbering mess if I’m lucky enough to see Matthew Lewis again. (Neville grew up pretty, y/y?)

Tropical Sand-wiching.

Ever since I was a kid, I can remember my family teaching me how to make sandwiches that are apparently not that common to other people. Growing up, I didn’t know any better left, right, or center, so I thought that everyone else knew about these tasty, tasty treats, but I was apparently wrong. To this day, I’m always shocked to hear from someone that they ‘would never put that on a sandwich.’

Well, to that end, I’m spreading the gospel as well as the mayonnaise. You see, my Granny used to tell me about the chocolate sandwiches her mother would pack for her before school. And my Daddy told me about the butter and jelly sandwiches Granny used to send with him. And I’m going to tell you about the pineapple sandwiches and banana sandwiches I ate as a child, because they are so delicious.

Both begin the same way:

  • two slices of bread (preferably cheap white, but cheap wheat also works)
  • mayonnaise
  • sugar

But then they differ in their main components.

If you go with banana, you are need to slice it up into sandwich-thick pieces. Personally, I love to cut mine in half down the middle, as though making a banana split, because I like a hearty bite.

If you choose pineapple, I would suggest going with canned pineapple slices. Drain off the juice the best you can, because even afterward the pineapple will still hold a lot of juice that can make the sandwich soggy (which is not necessarily tasty).

For both sandwiches, the prep is quite quick. I recommend the following steps, which come from years of practice and trial and error.

  • separate the slices of bread and spread mayonnaise to personal taste
  • sprinkle the mayonnaise of one side liberally with sugar (only enough to slightly sweeten, not like you are making crispy rice cereal)
  • put the fruit on the other piece of bread (of course, on the mayonnaise side!)
  • then close the sandwich and enjoy.

The banana should be trimmed to a comfortable length, because most bananas are too long for basic white bread. The pineapple slices are, of course, cored, so it might make you happy to layer the pineapple or cut it into half-/semi-circles to place more easily on the sandwich.

Either one you enjoy will be delicious. And even if it isn’t, I don’t care, ’cause I think they are yummy-tastic.

Drinks and Parties and Egg Rolls, Oh My.

Husband and I had a fight last night, which led to me throwing his ‘father’s day’ present at him. When he called me from work today, he actually brought up the fight (unusual for him) and then promised to bring me some sort of pressie to make up for how bad I felt from the fight.

His present to me? My favorite appetizer ever! Steak egg rolls with both soy sauce and horseradish dipping sauce. These things are the best tasting appetizer I’ve ever ordered in my life. Ever. Ever ever.

And yes, it does warrant all of those evers. If I believed in a heaven, I think that heaven would be this egg roll in full body form.

On top of that, he also reminded me to look up a recipe I keep forgetting to pull up.

You see, at the same restaurant that we get these egg rolls, they used to serve a key lime pie martini. The drink was absolutely tasty. Tart and sweet, with a cup rimmed with graham cracker crust mix, I ordered it only twice before it was removed from the menu (it was a limited time item). Because the drink required special liquor, they couldn’t make it after it was officially pulled.

Now, I’ve looked it up, and I totally plan on making it. I just have to get around to buying everything I need for it!

Oh, also, deep fried cupcakes:

This is oh so wrong, but totally what I want.


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