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Homecoming; It Ain’t Just For The Team.

I’m so psyched! A friend of mine is coming home today. She’s a wonderful person, and a killer friend, and I’ve missed her something fierce. We actually met years ago, as well as states away, but we’ve been able to spend more time together since I moved to be with Husband than I think I got to spend with her in all the time we spent in college. And in spending that time together, Husband fell in love wither her just as much as I am.

The strangest part of that is that she’s only been able to be here during academic off-season due to her responsibilities, so not a terribly large amount of time.

But now, her situation has changed, and she’s able to be with us (and her mother) now. We are all hoping to be able to get a house together, where she and I will mock each other’s sister wife potential.

Husband and I are picking her and her kitty up from the airport, then we will hopefully be able to take her somewhere to let the kitty roam free as the wind in a house for a while. Fritter (as I am now dubbing her) and I are assuming that Kitty will not be well pleased by this trip, so we are trying to figure out to make the transition a little easier, since Kitty has never traveled any long distance.


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