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Downpour Turn Around.

Not ten minutes ago it was raining so hard I couldn’t see out my window. Personally, I love the rain. There is something about the way it washes everything nasty out of the air, and leaves us with a fresher playground to much about in. And especially during the summer, it gives us a respite from bustle and heat and friction.

I don’t mean sprinkles or drizzlings, I mean full out rain.

And I’m always so amused on days like today when it seems like the only reason the sky opened up for it was to make sure that we have a chance to let things go, so quick was it to start and stop. I wish it could do that every day sometimes, especially when we are all tired and worried and stressed.

That little break is a blessing that most people don’t notice, and maybe we should.

For all those days that don’t have the rain, though, here’s this:

The Magic Button


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