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Keeping It Together.

I work a simple little job in my simple little life. The problem with said simple job is that it leaves me with more free energy than should safely be left in my hands. I therefore have to come up with ways to occupy myself that could be considered ‘workplace appropriate’.

My workplace, however, doesn’t recognize all my past-times on the same level of appropriateness. Reading is okay, but writing is not. Crosswords are fine, but crochet is not. It leaves me quite confused most of the time.

So, in an effort to have something to do that isn’t reading (my choice of reading materials isn’t always workplace okayed, nor am I always in the mood to read what I threw in my bag that day), I’ve been exploring my options.

My latest choice in occupation is origami boxes.

The two styles I've been doing.

I love these little things. Neither are particularly hard to do, which means that they are pretty perfect to make in my down time at work.

The cube is more ‘labor intensive,’ which isn’t really intensive. There are more steps to it, because you need six pieces of paper to make the six faces.  The cubes are sturdy enough that they can survive for weeks in my bag banging around with my notebook, pens, books, etc.

The flower/star box, I think, has more difficult folds, but you only need one piece of paper for it. Also, it is a little more festive, though definitely more delicate as well. One of my supervisors saw me making the star boxes, and requested that I make twenty for her, when I only had 40 minutes left on my shift. I finished with a few minutes to spare, and that’s with me having some work to do still.

If you would like to do either of these, then you should probably see some tutorials for them. The instructions are everywhere on the interwebs, but here are the ones I used just for easy reference:



the cube.

Star Box

Star Box

star box

Also, another epic win to this? I can use a simple square notepad for the paper supply. No one can tell you not to have note paper!


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