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Polka Dot Hop.

I adore polka dots. No, really. I have loved them deeply since I was a child. I used to have a black dress with white polka dots that I wore until I’m fairly certain my mom threw it away just so she wouldn’t have to see it anymore.

Christian Lacroix Polka Dot Mary Janes

These shoes, these shoes, these shoes. Their beauty sucks my soul straight from my body.

With shoes like these, I’d probably go no where because I’d be sitting at home drooling all over them.

I’ll be the first to admit that polka dots are not for everyone. In fact, it is much like the Polka, itself. (Yes, they were named for Polka music/dance. Not because of any actual, direct link, but because they were both popular at the same time.) Some people will never really react to it. Some people will seriously detest it. But for a few, it is a passion beyond what you might think.

In fact, this blog was almost polka dotted goodness in its own right. You few that can’t stand the dot may now thank luck stars, clovers, and any thing else you might think helped you dodge that bullet.

I also love plaid and argyle…


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