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Stitch Witchery.

Aha! I’ve managed to crochet half of the project I’m delivering during Dragon*Con weekend. If I finish it, I’m going to start working on a dragon, a TARDIS, or a Dalek. Last year, I finished a Dalek and two brain slugs to take with us. I even put a voice box in the Dalek and put the brain slugs on headbands. It was some serious win. I had a couple of drunk girls try to steal them, which I thought was hilarious, and then a geek blog took Husband and my picture (then later posted it!).

To finish my project, though, I have to find my white yarn, and I have no freaking clue where I put it. Certainly, I have a couple of places that it might have ended up, but I don’t know if I even put it away properly. I also need to finish a pair of earrings and a necklace I was working on for my Ursula costume. I’ve decided not to do the costume this year, but I do want the accessories done.

I really need to make my decision on whether I’m going to costume this year, or not, so that I can get my stuff together if I decide to do it.


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