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Since You Looked At Me.

I’m one week away from Dragon*Con! I’m trying to decide if I want to set up little snippets to be posted during that time, or just let the blog lie fallow in the fields of the internet. There is so much to do in preparation, but I’ve been terribly lazy. The only real effort I’ve made is half a crochet project I meant to do for a friend I’ll be seeing and buying two boxes of hair dye for myself.

Husband has been doing more since he has to get work prepared for it, but that’s really more about making sure the whole place doesn’t fall to bits while we are out of the state. I mean, really, I think they would probably shatter if Husband wasn’t there to protect the brittle pieces and cushion the blows.

Cat is going to be left to the devices of the roomies, which as previously discussed, can be quite harrowing. I’m worried that we’ll come back and she will have gained thirty pounds and developed a taste for marsupial flesh and cow’s milk. Yeah, I know it probably isn’t that bad, but I’m a worrier, and they kind of suck hardcore at following my directions.

I still don’t know if I’m going to costume at any point. My new found allergy to latex has reared enough for me to rethink Zedding up for anything. It sucks, but I’m glad that it happened early enough for me to realize and not get fucked up by the itching and pain. Also, I’m wondering if I would be able to take a Benadryl and ignore it. (According to my research, technically yes, but I could also shift into anaphylactic shock fairly rapidly if exposed enough. fuck.)

In any event, I’m spazzing the fuck out for the joy of being at Dragon*Con. I’m super, duper, crazy excited. I love seeing friends and being around the con so much!


There Is No Yes, No No, Only Goodbye.

The time has come for the house to send one of our animals along. It is sad, but she’s been suffering for quite a while, and I think that it is the best decision for everyone, but most especially her.

She was adopted by the roomies when she was approximately 10 during the time just after Hurricane Katrina blew through. She was always a plump puppy, but she’s now gotten quite chubby. She has been a bit gruff the more stress and pain she had to deal with, but she always had her own little quirkiness to her that made you like her even if she nipped at you.

She’s been in a lot of pain recently, to the point that even when medicated she won’t leave wherever she is lying. Where once she would run to the door to chase people away, she now ignores most everyone coming in and out unless the other dogs get so noisy she gets upset. She’s been shivering and shaking regardless of whether she’s warm or cold. She’s been sick all over the three foot radius she’s been in the last week and a half, and we can barely get her outside for relief.

We’re sad to do it, but we’ve made the decision to put her down. Thankfully, we get to do it at home. And while I have to be at work, the rest of the household will be able to stay with her and say goodbye. We’ve even invited former roommates over to say their goodbyes as well.

I’m hoping that tomorrow’s post will be a little happier, at least, but I don’t know that I can promise that.

For Reasons I Have No Place Understanding.

My home smells like slightly burnt spam. Why? Who the fuck knows. I’m pretty sure it is supposed to be chili, but the smell. Oh, dear god, the smell! What could have caused this? RoomieJ, that’s who. He’s the only one.

In the mean while, I’m trying to sum up my needs for the camping trip of Mo’foing doom that is taking place in the middle of fuck-all July. It is hot. Why am I camping? The world may never know. I still have to cover care and feeding of my cat with another of the Roomies, so that Cat won’t end up fat and lazy before I get home.

(There is a general disagreement in my home over how animals should be treated. Roomie thinks they should be treated as favored guests. I think they are fucking animals, and should retain some knowledge of their instincts and therefore should not be over-fed for their own general well being. It has caused more than a few fights.)

I’ll be amused to see the outcome of it all. In addition to fear that Cat will have a pot-belly when I’m back home, she’s already knocked over some breakable items in my room, and we haven’t even rearranged anything recently. This is especially displeasing to Husband, as the items in question were his. I feel bad for him, but he was the one that told me not to discourage her climbing everywhere.

Now, the big question, should I clean anything, or just let it go til I get home?

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