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Srs Bsns.

So I’ve got to finish packing for the trip, dye my hair, and be ready to go by 4pm. I’m crazy excited to be almost on the road, and I can barely seem to relax enough to sleep. Husband wants to cuddle, but I’m not really in the mood, so I thought I would go ahead and type up a little something for you guys out in the cyberspace of the real world.

I’m a little anxious because I’m not going to be able to play my fb games for a while, but the problem with that is that I know as soon as I can’t access them anymore, I’m not going to care. I’ve already warned my Scrabble buddies that I’m going to be out of commission. I just have to ignore my restaurant.

The trip should be a lot of fun, though. Dragon*Con has never not been a good time, and for the road trip, we actually are going to be carrying a power converter for the car so that we can use the computer while we travel. I might actually be saving some slash onto the laptop, just so I can read it in the car. Maybe not, I’ve had some problems with motion sickness before.

Cat has been situated with the right people. Once we pack, and Husband is home for work, we will be on our way.


Mark Me Up.

I have a tattoo. It is a geeky tattoo, and I love it. But I’ve been craving more ink since I got it. My Husband is against this, mainly because he hasn’t gotten his first one yet. On top of that, we have another friend (Gir) who also wants one, and I love the idea of all of us getting them together.

However, money is an issue because tattoos are stupidly expensive. Most areas have a base that they will charge you for a piece, even if it is incredibly tiny.

This could end up costing $60.

For me, that’s just kind of  a wtf-moment. I know that it is permanent, and you are paying for the person’s skill and competency, but I sometimes feel like the amount charged is kind of ridiculous.

Also, there is a problem with what each artist considers their time, talent, and skill to be worth, even in the same studio/shop. My tattoo was gotten at the same time as a friend who got an extremely similar design, but the artists charged us thirty dollars difference. Mine, which was more simple, was the higher priced. The artist who did mine brought the price down some when the other artist said something to him, but he still didn’t bring it down to what the other artist was charging.

I also am very uncertain of what I want as my next design. I actually have a couple of designs I’ve been looking over, but I can’t seem to settle on one. Husband has been looking over a couple as well, but his are going to be uber geeky. Like, capital gee, GEE-ky. Like, whoa. I love the child, but I don’t know that I would be comfortable getting a gaming tattoo. But then, gaming hasn’t been as big a part of my life. (Though now that I think of it, if I were to get a gaming tat, it would probably be a scrabble tile.

I have no idea what Gir wants, but he was talking about getting one with me, even before Husband started talking about getting one as well, so I’m hoping that he will wait for me to be settled and have some cash.

Busy Day Is Busy.

I started today a bit earlier than I would normally. I managed to get out of bed and shower with enough time to actually get some gas in the car before I had to meet up with anyone. Granted, I was still a little late, but that was totally traffic and construction.

Since today was my day off, Husband and I went and picked up Fritter and Dumas from their respective areas, then got some lunch. As always, Five Guys was very delicious and we brought home too many fries. Dumas went home for a while, and Husband, Fritter, and I ran into Husband’s work for a bit so he could get some minor stuff taken care of. After that, we went to our local comic shop and picked up some gaming supplies.

Fritter has been insisting that we all learn to play Munchkin, so she picked up a set for it. After d&ding, we did a quick round of Munchkin, and it was so much fun, even if half of us were about to pass out from lack of sleep.

I really love learning to play new games, especially games like Munchkin, where the point is just to have a good time and interact with everyone. My friends always love to get together for Apples to Apples, and most of us love to play Scrabble with one another. Fritter, especially, gets my love for Scrabble, and I’m glad to have a partner in gaming in her.

I think something that people miss out on today is the real life gaming social experience. We can play all kinds of games online, technically socially, but it is just mostly demanding things from others. Click this! Accept that! I’ll be the first to admit that I love my facebook games, but I don’t think they increase my socializing with my friends or family at any speed. If anything, they make me less inclined to have actual conversations with people.

Sitting around with roomies, or family, or friends of any kind, and just hanging out and playing together is really more fun than anything else for me.


I started a couple of new games of Scrabble on facebook. I’m looking to have a little bit more variety in my games, since I’ve been playing with the same person for so long. A friend of mine actually started playing, but hasn’t had much opportunity to be online recently. So far, no one else has been playing tiles too often, either.

I haven’t had a chance to watch Project Runway, yet, but I’m hoping to do so in the next little bit. When I do so, I’ll totally write up the report and pass on the info gathered and opinionized all over. I don’t even know what I want to happen, and I’ve somehow been able to ignore any and all spoilers, including commercials. I can’t even remember the teaser from last week!

As for right now, I’m going to read my fic, watch my Clarissa, and finish typing up this little ditty!

Oh! I watched something like four or five episodes of Ren and Stimpy today. I had forgotten how much I loved the Mounted Canadian Kilted Yaksmen. “Our country smells of trees! Our yaks are really large, and they smell like rotting beef carcasses.” Oh, sweet music!

Word Scores Galore.

I play Scrabble on facebook, and have been playing against a specific random person for the last almost year. It has been exciting, as I love to play Scrabble, and the person has been willing to play multiple games, often two and three at a time with me.

I’ve begun to wonder, though, should we be friending each other at this point? It isn’t like we talk very often, I just think that we find each other to be reliable playing buddies. I would like to be friends so that if something happens, and our games lapse for a while, we can still play with one another. I should probably ask her, but again, we don’t talk very often, and I don’t want her thinking that I’m some creeper.

All that being said, I’ve been having problems with one aspect of her play. On the Scrabble app on facebook, if you don’t have any words to play, you have to forfeit or skip your turn. Twice, Scrabble Buddy (SB) and I have gotten to the end of a game and neither of us has been able to play the final tile in our hands. I don’t mind forfeiting if I’m losing the game. But if I’m winning, I have a problem taking the forfeit, as it messes with your overall scores. SB will be just as stubborn about taking the forfeit, but she was losing by a large margin. It was quite annoying at the time.

I’ve been impressed by our games over the course of these months. She and I both play fairly strategically, so our games can be a volley of complex words and attempts at stunting the board for the other person. It’s fun, but sometimes a bit boring if we haven’t been particularly innovative in a while.

I’m trying to get my actual friends to play with me, though, as I really would like to have some new games available.

Repurposing Scrabble.

Scrabble is my favorite game almost ever. It is definitely my favorite board game. It is also my mother in law’s favorite board game, so she and I bond over it all the time.

Then we started seeing the scrabble tile pendants floating around, and we knew we wanted some. I mean, really, we only own like twenty versions of the game between us. We’ve been looking at all the tutorials, and all the suggestions. I love reading the comments to find out what’s been tested and what didn’t work.

Finally, Mom IL bought some glaze and some enamel stickers, and we’ve given both a swing. The glaze can be very temperamental, but when it works, it works. The stickers are more reliable, but they are slightly yellowed, so everything won’t be crystal clear, but slightly tinged. It isn’t much of a difference, but it is something you have to deal with.

We also used a few different kinds of glue. I like to print out little customized pictures for mine, so using something like Mod Podge is not always the best choice because it has so much moisture that the ink runs. Instead, I switched to a spray adhesive.

Currently, my technique of choice is to put the sticker on the picture, cut the picture out by following the sticker, and then spraying the tile and affixing the picture/sticker to the tile. The glue is quite tacky, and the attachment has to be fast, but the results have been pretty decent so far.

I’d have pictures to show you, but none of them turned out all that clear, even though the pendant’s are awesome.

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to let me know. I’m always looking for better/easier ways to do things.

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