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Srs Bsns.

So I’ve got to finish packing for the trip, dye my hair, and be ready to go by 4pm. I’m crazy excited to be almost on the road, and I can barely seem to relax enough to sleep. Husband wants to cuddle, but I’m not really in the mood, so I thought I would go ahead and type up a little something for you guys out in the cyberspace of the real world.

I’m a little anxious because I’m not going to be able to play my fb games for a while, but the problem with that is that I know as soon as I can’t access them anymore, I’m not going to care. I’ve already warned my Scrabble buddies that I’m going to be out of commission. I just have to ignore my restaurant.

The trip should be a lot of fun, though. Dragon*Con has never not been a good time, and for the road trip, we actually are going to be carrying a power converter for the car so that we can use the computer while we travel. I might actually be saving some slash onto the laptop, just so I can read it in the car. Maybe not, I’ve had some problems with motion sickness before.

Cat has been situated with the right people. Once we pack, and Husband is home for work, we will be on our way.



I try to restrain the number of fandoms I actively pursue at any given point, but then my friends draw me into something else, and all the good intentions fly out the window. This time, it’s Suits, which is USA’s newest duo-show.

Suits is apparently about a young ne’er-do-well being mentored by a hot-shot lawyer. The characters are amusing, and the procedure of the show hasn’t been too awful so far. I’m hoping that the show will continue to be something that I can watch off and on, as I know I am awful at trying to watch shows when they come on (excluding Project Runway, which I’m more dedicated to than I should be).

USA has been putting out a great many shows that focus on duos and partnerships. This style of show isn’t in and of itself a problem, but the number of programs with this set up has been somewhat odd. Usually, the duos are more on par with one another (Psyched and In Plain Sight), but a year or so ago, they introduced White Collar, which has been a blessing to those who love threesome fic, and now they have Suits.

The ne’er-do-well is named Mike Ross, while the lawyer is Harvey Spector. Right off the bat, the audience should know that Mike is going to be simple on the surface, and that Harvey is going to be flashy, but possibly with something underneath. They are set up in that classic opposites attracting really means that the young one reminds the older one of himself at that age.

I wonder if they are meaning to pull a brotherly relationship out of it, because the relationship so far is coming off as a strange mixture of parent-child and almost UST. The effect is something quite d/s, which has been fueling some of the fic coming out. I have to admit that the best I’ve read so far was a d/s fic. Very lovely, and quite highly saved/recced.

Tonight is PR night, but I have to work, so I will once again be viewing it on the DVR. It makes me sad, but I’m glad to have the hours.

Gleeful Discussions.

I’ve spent the last 3 hours discussing the show Glee with one of my best friends. The fact that she let this conversation happen is loveliness and amazingness and awesomeness all rolled into one.

The show itself always strikes me as a bit trite, but some of the characters are wonderful, and the progressions of those characters have proven themselves fun to watch. I worry about the writers, though, because sometimes, the plot is just awful.

My favorite character is Kurt Hummel, who is a young man with a high tenor voice. He also happens to be gay, and be obsessed with fashion, even when it pushes himself further away from the rest of high school society. His boyfriend is dull, but his nemesis is pretty interesting.

David Karofsky is the bully who took a special distaste to Kurt because of his internalized homophobia. For me, watching Karofsky’s struggle with his identity and how it relates to the world around him has been on of the highlights of this past season. He’s a football player, and a macho guy, but he’s also gay, and doesn’t know how to resolve the two. Also, he just wants to be normal, but has this trait about himself he cannot change and that separates him from everything he prizes.

Throughout Karofsky’s efforts to punish Kurt for being open about himself, Kurt has almost always managed to rise to the occasion and maintain a truly admirable strength of character. Unfortunately, the other aspects of Kurt’s life have at times run together with the bullying, making it difficult for him to come off as strong as he truly is.

However, Kurt has been able to successfully confront Karofsky about not only the bullying, but also the choices that Karofsky has made for himself.

It seems as though the writers are allowing them to finally start growing into the young men they can become. Kurt has been showing a mature side to his dealings with Karofsky, and Karofsky has been making strides toward behaving more appropriately. Granted, I think that most of Karofsky’s changes have been surface, but I really think that the case can be made that by forcing himself to behave in public, he is giving himself the opportunity to actually see how his previous behavior affected others.

Part of the discussion I had was about people shipping Kurt/Karofsky, and how this seems to be a ship that just doesn’t sail for many. Often, the people that don’t ship it just can’t see why anyone would be interested in it. Karofsky¬† is a bully, an abuser, and that must translate into the rest of his potential interactions with Kurt right?

I don’t think it is so clear as that. Kurt and Karofsky are both strong-willed characters who are looking out for themselves out of self-preservation in a hostile environment. Their paths are very different, but Kurt has had the time to realize that Karofsky’s threatening was, yes, quite dangerous, but also a symptom of a problem that actually has little to do with him. He’s made the decision to not accept Karofsky’s behavior.

Karofsky, in turn, has been forced to realize that his problems are his own, and something he must work out for himself. He’s working toward one of those realizations that most self-aware persons must face, that there are things about himself he cannot change, nor can he truly allow that to rule him or he will never be free. High school sucks for him because he feels as though he cannot be true to himself. Being himself would mean being an insult to all he loves, and he’s starting to separate that from Kurt’s chosen freedom.

Hopefully, the writers will continue to handle the dialogue well. Even if it doesn’t end how I would like for it to, I just want the interactions to be real to what people actually go through in life, and not just a farce of storytelling.

Slash Cometh.

So… Slash. The fanfiction kind. The ‘boy kissing boys, girls kissing girls’ kind. The ‘nobody’s really sure when this shit started because it seems like it has always been there’ kind.

Slash is fun. It has been a means of escape for me for years longer than I probably should have had access to it. I read it, occasionally write it, and always celebrate it. I think my husband worries that I’m going to leave him for it some day.

I started out in slash fanfic when I was quite a young thing. Back then, my fandom of choice was a little show called Daria, and all the slash I came across for it was what I now know to be called ‘femslash’ or ‘femmeslash’. I identified with the main character, and could appreciate the subtext in action that the fanfic gave me. As someone dealing with gender/sexual identity issues, I loved seeing people happy to put some of my favorite characters in my own shows.

Now, years later, I’ve left that particular realm of slash fandom, but I still swim in the same waters. My fandoms have grown, and changed, and, yes, occasionally faded away, which is only right. My understanding of fanfic has aged with me, but I still love it as much as I did when I was but a wee-one, trying on the big-kid shoes of love and sex and angst.

If you have never given slash a try, I would recommend it. Even if same sex/gender relationships aren’t your thing, just give yourself a moment to open up to a new way of seeing the world, seeing relationships, and seeing yourself. Who knows, maybe you might find something of interest for yourself that might last you a lifetime, as well.

You know what, maybe my husband should be worried. I think I’ve waxed way more poetic about slash than anyone should in one go!

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