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Cyber Bullying In Adults.

A sad, but apparently quite common occurrence if my news feed is to be believed. A friend of mine recently posted a link to pictures related to pro-marriage equality protests, and a ‘friend’ of hers promptly told her she was going to Hell. Now, I am never going to say that you can’t have your own opinion (unless you are my child and it is for your own good, which is a very different situation), but I’m also a big fan of keeping your damn mouth shut.

For me, it goes like this, fuck PC, just be respectful. Irreverence and jokes are all fine, but if someone is hurt by them, it is not okay to continue. If someone posts a link you don’t respect, or you have a problem with, leave it alone, especially if it isn’t harming anything by law. If someone is being hurt, then it might be right to speak up, but in the proper context. Crimes should be reported to the police; abuse should be reported to the proper authorities.

As adults, we should know better than to resort to hate and fear tactics to get our way. As reasonable persons, we should be able to express ourselves without someone telling us that we are too young to be able to argue against years of oppressive thinking and cultural conceptions that are deemed irresponsible by modern standards. And as human beings, we should realize that we have the responsibility to every generation in our contact to be the best person possible and to help others do the same in a respectful manner and in appropriate settings.

But your opinions? They belong on your own damn wall.


Functionally Cured Is Still Cured.

Hallelu and praise be to Deity, because functionally cured is still fucking cured!

This article from Southern California Public Radio and this article found on Yahoo discuss a miracle: a cured AIDS patient. This man suffered from HIV for years, and then developed leukemia, which is a cancer of blood and bone marrow. The leukemia was a separate condition from the HIV, but the treatment for leukemia is often chemotherapy or radiation therapy, both of which are designed to kill the immune system, which is, of course, the way that HIV turns into AIDS.

This man was freaking screwed.

Bone marrow transplants are also used to treat leukemia, but the prep for that is also killing the immune system, so that the body won’t reject and attack the new marrow. The procedure is very dangerous, and the result can actually kill the patient. Unfortunately, because Timothy’s leukemia wouldn’t stay in remission, he was forced to consider and then have a transplant. After two transplants, it not only put his leukemia into remission, it also seems to have cured his HIV.

Brown was lucky. His doctors specifically sought out a donor who would be a good match as well as having the markers for being resistant/immune to HIV. The donor was found and was willing to give not once, but twice (at least).

This is not going to be an option for everyone. The chances of finding available donors, who can make decent enough matches for patients as well as being immune to HIV, for most HIV patients are crazy slim. Chances are the procedure itself could actually kill many of the patients if someone was to attempt performing it on others. Further compromising the immune systems of patients who already suffer from AIDS or low T-cell counts is extremely risky. And even if a good match with the right immunity markers is found, and the patient survives the compromised immune system, there is always the chance of the body rejecting the transplant.




We now have hope that something can be done about this virus and accompanying syndrome. We have a new path, or at least some new light on the paths we may have already been exploring. We need to be supporting this.

My husband pointed out earlier that the transplant has also been referred to as a ‘blood stem cell’ transplant. He and I both worry that people won’t understand what that means, because in the USA, people often equate stem cells to aborted fetal cells, which is simply not the case. Stem cells are just cells that don’t really have specific purpose outside of renewal, replacement, or reparation unless they are manipulated into becoming another kind of cell. You can pretty much find them in most of the systems in your body.

I want to extend my sincerest congratulations to Timothy Brown and his doctors for the success of the treatment. Timothy is 20 months cured, but lets all hope that it is permanent!

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