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Project Runaway Ep.5.

Going into the episode, I’m amused by the idea that the team captains will be chosen by who runs 200 meters the fastest. Of course, it is all guys who when the race, which sucks, but there you are.

Team lineups:

  • Josh, Anya, and Becky
  • Bryce, Kimberly, and Danielle
  • Anthony, Laura, and Bert
  • Viktor, Olivier, and because there were only two of them since Cecilia jumped ship, they chose Josh C. to bring back

The idea of designing an three outfits around sneakers that are not necessarily sports or casual wear is interesting. And watching the teams trying to work around their perceived handicaps is pretty funny. Putting the emphasis on the materials of suede and denim is just mean.

I think that some of the teams jumped a bit to quickly to clique status where two of the members are getting along great, but the third is just a sore thumb. It causes dissent in the ranks, and definitely sets people up to be thrown under the bus.

I wasn’t a huge fan of Team Viktor’s collection. Team Bryce’s weren’t much better. I really don’t think that Bryce’s dress was good at all. Funny enough, though, I kind of liked BB Annie Oakley’s. Team Anthony’s  was just sad excluding Bert’s. Team Josh’s garments, though, were the best as a collection, even if I didn’t really like Anya’s.

I do agree with the judges that there was no clear high or low team, that each team had those points within their designs. Check out the designs on Lifetime’s site.

Josh: I don’t really love the vest, but the top is okay.
Anya: Awkward maxi dress of doom
Becky: I don’t really love it, but it could have been a lot worse. I think it is a bit strange in the proportions.
Overall: Looks like a collection, at least.

Anthony: So, so messy. reminds me of the strange diaper pants from a few seasons back
Laura: eh. the print didn’t work for me.
Bert: probably the best of the bunch to me, a little wide in the shoulders, but less messy than the other two.
Overall: just. just, yeah, no.

Viktor: I like the jacket, and the dress is decent.
Josh C: I like the outfit, it feels like something you would see on the street.
Olivier: What in the world is that skirt?
Overall: Olivier’s outfit was disconnected from the rest of the collection

Bryce: I hate that dress. It looks like a stupid box
Kimberly: I don’t understand the jacket with the poofy shorts.
Danielle: The blouse looks a lot worse up close.
Overall: just. no.

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Project Runaway Ep.4.

This week’s challenge is the day to evening challenge, but the twist was that they were designing for Nina Garcia. In the past, the designers have gotten the chance to design for Heidi, but I had the feeling that Nina was not going to be as easy to please.

Just a side note, I love the music they played through the ‘client meet’. It creates so much more drama than is actually present in the interviews. Nina is direct, but fair, asking for what she is aware the designers are capable of doing and requesting that they adjust their concepts accordingly. But every time she would say something that wasn’t quite in line with what they were pitching, their faces would fall, fall, fall.

Nina was quite specific about what she likes and doesn’t like, and they see her every challenge, in magazines, and every past season of PR. How could they not know what she would like to see for herself?

I’m so tired and over the designers thinking that the others are trying to sabotage them through fabric choices. If fabric is awesome, then it is bound to attract more than one person. And I’ve also noticed that certain techniques and trends come into vogue on the show, making a situation where most of the designers are incorporating them, but decide that the person they like the least is somehow stealing their concepts and designs. It is all stupid pettiness, and I’m ready for it to be done so that I can see pretties.

Poor Anya, though. She loves patterns, and Nina hates them. The fabric is not my favorite, but most of the fabric choices this challenge were pretty bad to me. And really, most of the designs looked a bit weak to me as well. Midway in, I couldn’t even see where most of the designs were going, and most of them didn’t really look like Nina to me.

The lack of direction was such a problem that all of the designers were still sewing two hours before the show. Like, sewing-sewing, not just fitting. Some designers helped others to finish, and it was just a mess. Some of them were even gluing.

My feel:

Josh: ew.
Bert: chicer than expected, but kind of off for me*
Olivier: wtf? very strange panels on the jacket*
Anthony Ryan: boring*
Cult: I actually like her use of the fabric better*
Kimberly: the gold isn’t me, but it looks good today
Cecilia: the fit is wierd, and the colors are blah
Anya: turned out so much better than I expected
Annie Oakley: Just badly put together
Julie: really good concept, but very messy. Like, horribly messy
Bryce: that hem is just awful. It has some good points, but not overall*
Snow bunny: Christmas ornament?*
Viktor: didn’t like the hips, otherwise pretty blah


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I try to restrain the number of fandoms I actively pursue at any given point, but then my friends draw me into something else, and all the good intentions fly out the window. This time, it’s Suits, which is USA’s newest duo-show.

Suits is apparently about a young ne’er-do-well being mentored by a hot-shot lawyer. The characters are amusing, and the procedure of the show hasn’t been too awful so far. I’m hoping that the show will continue to be something that I can watch off and on, as I know I am awful at trying to watch shows when they come on (excluding Project Runway, which I’m more dedicated to than I should be).

USA has been putting out a great many shows that focus on duos and partnerships. This style of show isn’t in and of itself a problem, but the number of programs with this set up has been somewhat odd. Usually, the duos are more on par with one another (Psyched and In Plain Sight), but a year or so ago, they introduced White Collar, which has been a blessing to those who love threesome fic, and now they have Suits.

The ne’er-do-well is named Mike Ross, while the lawyer is Harvey Spector. Right off the bat, the audience should know that Mike is going to be simple on the surface, and that Harvey is going to be flashy, but possibly with something underneath. They are set up in that classic opposites attracting really means that the young one reminds the older one of himself at that age.

I wonder if they are meaning to pull a brotherly relationship out of it, because the relationship so far is coming off as a strange mixture of parent-child and almost UST. The effect is something quite d/s, which has been fueling some of the fic coming out. I have to admit that the best I’ve read so far was a d/s fic. Very lovely, and quite highly saved/recced.

Tonight is PR night, but I have to work, so I will once again be viewing it on the DVR. It makes me sad, but I’m glad to have the hours.

Project Runaway Ep.3.

First pairs challenge of the season, and it involves stilts! And it seems as though everyone hates each other already. And it’s a one day challenge on top of that. At least they got $500. (And the first public/outdoor runway.)

Early on, and everyone is bitching about their partners except for Anya and Olivier, who are the previous two winners (sorry if you haven’t seen the eps yet). It is ridiculous. Less bitching, more clothing.

I like the idea of the dark ballerina, but that was the only idea that seemed solid from any of the designers, but it failed in the execution. The red came out in Barbie and Anthony’s, who apparently only bought reds. More power to them.


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I started a couple of new games of Scrabble on facebook. I’m looking to have a little bit more variety in my games, since I’ve been playing with the same person for so long. A friend of mine actually started playing, but hasn’t had much opportunity to be online recently. So far, no one else has been playing tiles too often, either.

I haven’t had a chance to watch Project Runway, yet, but I’m hoping to do so in the next little bit. When I do so, I’ll totally write up the report and pass on the info gathered and opinionized all over. I don’t even know what I want to happen, and I’ve somehow been able to ignore any and all spoilers, including commercials. I can’t even remember the teaser from last week!

As for right now, I’m going to read my fic, watch my Clarissa, and finish typing up this little ditty!

Oh! I watched something like four or five episodes of Ren and Stimpy today. I had forgotten how much I loved the Mounted Canadian Kilted Yaksmen. “Our country smells of trees! Our yaks are really large, and they smell like rotting beef carcasses.” Oh, sweet music!

So Few Options In The DVR.

I sat down today to pull up the DVR in the hopes of watching something good, only to find that I had only one show recorded this week because everything has gone off season. Fail! Fail, I tell you!

In any event, I have Alphas to watch, which has turned out to be a much better show than we originally assumed. (We, in this instance, being myself and several of my friends.) What several people originally had identified as an autistic character being made a fool of. I felt sort of the same during the first episode, though my reaction wasn’t was strong as theirs.

As the show has progress, it has seemed to me that they set the autistic character up as the youngest brother who happens to be autistic. I am kind of biased though, as my younger brother has Asperger’s, so I think in those terms. Gary, the character is incredibly sweet, but very confrontational about his needs and wants, which is somewhat awkward as it doesn’t follow the prescribed forms of requests like society usually demands.

Often the group around him has to make the decision about whether he should be corrected (i.e. reminded of how society wants people to behave) or be allowed to act as he will. He is more than capable of understanding what is being asked of him in most instances, he just doesn’t care. In fact, they just had an episode that was focused on Gary’s development that pretty much laid that out.

As much as I’m enjoying Alphas, I really wish that I had some Franklin and Bash, or even Glee, because options would have been nice right now. The DVR is pretty full of stuff that I have little to no interest in, which means I’m going to have to go through it and delete everything down to a reasonable level. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get a hold of the roomies to be able to sort them out since the programs are theirs.

Project Runaway Ep.2.

Second episode is apparently the non-conventional challenge. The idea of shopping at a pet store is okay, but I really could have lived without thinking about some of the materials people pulled.

Dog Food? Really? Really?? The smell alone!

The dog training pads were just as predictable to me as dog beds. The bird seed and aquarium rocks were more interesting to me. Even the fake plants for aquariums were a good idea to go with. I just wish that there weren’t so many designs that looked like they were coming from Madonna’s late eighties wardrobe.

Early on, Bert was failing me. And then he continued to. Really, there was no reason for him to put in so little effort. His design was overly simplistic, and didn’t follow through on the point of the competition. He knew he was doing it, as well, which makes it that much worse. I don’t have much respect for that.

Favorite moment of the night? Tim said the word fabulosity. It isn’t an actual word, which is why I’m so in love with Tim saying it, because he always comes across with a propriety that I love from him.

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