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Keep Calm And Mutate On.

The 90s X-Men animated television show is on dvd. But better? It is on Netflix streaming!! I’m in so much epic love.

Heck yeah, X-Men!

I know that I probably come off too easy to please with my talking about this release, but I don’t care. I love this show almost as much as the Batman animated series from the 90s. Both made my younger years quite happy compared to years without them. To this day, I truly do love this series.

I’ve been watching episodes every now and again, and it really does hold up. I can’t wait to watch more of them. 76 episodes all for me!


X-men: First Class.

Husband and I saw X-Men: First Class in the theaters. While the movie wasn’t awful, it wasn’t all that I could have hoped for either. Definitely a solid C+/B-. If you are a geek or action movie fan, and you are looking for a movie night, you should probably check it out.

I wasn’t a fan of the characterization in many places. Several of the characters seemed more like throwaways, even a couple of the larger characters, and there was a lot in the way of male chauvinism (more than could really be explained by the time period, which was mostly the early 60s).

On the other side, several of the actors lost the subtleties of the roles they were supposed to embody. Frost is supposed to be a cold bitch, but she’s also supposed to be charming and manipulative. My husband points out that I’m probably over reacting, which could be quite true. I’m partial to many of the characters, but never really read the series of graphic novels/comic books. I lived the animated show as a child, though I haven’t watched the newer incarnations.

However, even he had problems with some of the set up for the movie, so I don’t feel so bad.

And just a side note, Banshee is apparently the love child of Sam Evans from Glee and Ron Weasley from Harry Potter.

I’ve been purposefully avoiding specifics about the movie, because I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone. I know that some people hate that sort of thing, even though it doesn’t usually bother me. I figure the story is less about the fact of the plot and more about how it is all presented. Just because you know how the story ends doesn’t mean that you actually know the story, you know?

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